Why does Vince hate Barrett?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. Barrett is probably the most deserving star on the roster to at least hold a world title. He should have had it in the Nexus days but they refused that, then he was feuding with Orton instead of the WHC on SmackDown, and now he's been given this MMA type gimmick but instead of weekly promos -- which is Barrett's speciality -- they give him matches against jobbers the crowd don't care about and actually make it competitive. No wonder there were "boring" chants during RAW.

    No idea what this "open for business" gimmick is yet, I'm sure we'll find out eventually. The fact he's on RAW is good but that segment definitely did more damage than good. Personally I still want him in a Heyman stable but I think that idea is safely dead now. Give him mic time and relatively short matches and he's okay. Long matches with no meaning will just bore the crap out of everyone because Barrett is certainly no Daniel Bryan in the ring.
  2. Because I like him.
  3. Because he's British.
  4. For Nexus, they had no faith in him. He was scheduled to win MITB at Wrestlemania so I got no idea what you're talking about.
  5. > Reads dirtsheet report
    > Believes it all
  6. Give me a sauce, otherwise they are best mates.
  7. MITB was never happening at Mania
  8. Just like you believe that Vince > NWO :haha:


    I thought they just scrapped the idea cause Barret got injured.
  9. You go off-topic because you were called out... hmm..

    Anyway as for the British remark, you might be spot on. He treats Regal like utter shit too.

  10. The MITB PPV was what, 3 months after Mania? You don't just scrap entire PPVs because one guy gets hurt (unless you are Dana White)

    Point being if they were going to change MITB to a different PPV they would have done it further out and not changed plans based around Wade Barrett's elbow.
  11. :finger:
  12. Barrett sucks thats why hes clearly failing in his new gimmick and the weight gain since being off isnt helping
  13. OH MY GOD :GTFO:
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  14. Everytime I see a BLFFL post, I already have my facepalm out. :facepalm:
  15. And you're right to do so. LOL
  16. Take your blasphemous thoughts elsewhere.
  17. Barrett sucks but Kelly Kelly is God.
  18. Maybe it is something against British people. If this doesn't change they'll completely ruin another big potential new talent though.
  19. I still see him as a HHH heel, which is a massive compliment.
  20. Don't forget Piper and British Bulldog. Disgrace that the former never won the WWE championship with his mic skills.
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