Why does Vince keep King around?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Can someone answer me this? Everyone I speak to feels the same, he's diabolical.
  2. I wonder this myself, since one of the main reasons he took JR off TV pretty much permanently now is because he wants a 'younger cast' calling his TV shows, yet Lawler is actually a little older than JR. He's also become dreadfully boring, and he's been that way for years. I think more than anything, it might be because they feel they don't have a good enough replacement for Lawler who Cole has good chemistry with (who does commentary on SD? Booker T.? I really don't keep up) and because there's a comfortable zone because he's been at the broadcast table for so long.
  3. Matthews and Cole have awesome chemistry, so does Booker and Cole. Cole is basically a lone commentator on RAW with a guy who only comes to life when Women a third of his age arrive.
  4. He and Jerry are butt buddies.

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  5. King is a boss but is very small compared to cole :yes:
  6. I've heard that he has too much respect for him to fire him :dawg:
  7. Because he's the face of RAW commentary. That why.
  8. I've read something similar. Jerry believes in himself more and would leave WWE if he wasnt't paid so well
  9. Well, King is only doing it for the paycheck. I also wonder why Vince keeps him around, I mean, I heard that Vince doesn't scream at him when he's on commentary (unlike he does to the other announcers) because of that time when he quit in 2001 because they fired his bitch wife who cheated on him later or something, so McMahon, who seems to like people who "stand up for themselves", keeps him around for respect, I believe. I'm pretty sure it's not because there isn't suitable replacement. Mathews, and maybe even Regal in the near future could work with Cole on Raw.
  10. Any reason I could think of for why he keeps Lawler around would be invalidated by the fact that JR isn't on commentary any longer, unless Ross just doesn't want to do it anymore.
  11. Ross wants to be there, but Vince doesn't see Ross as a reputable employee, i.e. his weight. I know Ross has been the same size for so many years, but now the company is evolving and it looks bad to have a guy overweight/obese (not exactly sure) as your lead announcer in public view every-week. At least, this according to Dave Meltzer.

    Vince has too much respect for Lawler. Lawler and Ross back on RAW would be great because they have so much chemsitry, where as Cole and Lawler don't.
  12. Lawler is a lard arse too though :S. Cole is bearable when given opposition or toned down, Jerry is horrible who ever he is with.

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  13. Yeah, Cole isn't very good either. Lawler needs to turn heel.
  14. I regret setting fire to Jim Ross, I wish I had done that the Jerry Lawler
  15. You also set MVP on fire, hence why he went to Japan and JR is in NXT.
  16. the only place he can ball now is in the burn ward
  17. /me laughs. He thought you would have left after The Rock beat your Monkey ass all the way to chicago.
  18. So they don't want JR to announce because he's fat?

    B.A. Star! :burns:
  19. I've read something about Vince and Lawler being good friends.
    Vince won't fire Lawler because in his eyes, he does his job. Lawler could leave whenever he wants, but Vince doesn't want that.

    That's what I heard..
  20. it be differnt if JR was still calling the matches w/ Jerry they had great Chim. Cole/King just don't work as well as King/JR did. If Vince fired anyone i want it be cole! i never like that crybaby since day one
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