Why does WWE hate Miz so much?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Last week on Raw, Miz went 5 minutes in the ring with Kofi and had a monster promo segment. He went 20 minutes with Kofi on Main Event and then 10 with Orton at the Smackdown taping on top of a MizTV segment... and lost all 3 matches. He took a Ryback squash on Raw and looks like he has no shot against Kofi at Hell in a Cell. Before then, he had an IC reign with no momentum and was booked into oblivion before taking time off to film a movie

    I'm glad Miz is ready and willing to put people over, but the less they push this guy, the less money they make. Period. There are still people out there who love to hate Miz (friends of mine marked out at that bullshit RKO before Orton was suspended), yet there are also guys like "TheoneandonlyDC" and "Mr. Awesome", and the countless people out here running around with Miz T-Shirts... shoot, those are the only WWE T-Shirts adults wear outside of a Punk or Ryder here and there.

    As much as I yell about them pushing young talent around here, I rarely mention Miz. Why? Because as much as they shit on him, I still see him as an upper mid-carder because of the sheer star power the guy has. Maybe it's because jobbing him out now still means something because he's a massive heat magnet and he's an easy guy to push in the future, maybe the reports of Miz regressing in Vince's eyes were true, or maybe it's for dumb backstage shit, who knows... But the Miz goes out and does the interviews, goes to the show and works 40 minutes in 2 days, does promo after promo and puts people over at house shows, and has been treated like shit about it, while the fans still respect/disrespect him as much as ever. Why?
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  2. Good thread. I have no idea and it's just so annoying. I think they just have nothing for the guy at the moment and they're using the fact that the guy is such a good heel to their advantage by putting him against faces like Kofi, to get them more pops. It worked with Riley, the guy is STILL cheered. The optimist in me says that they are simply waiting until there's room for him in the ME or a decent storyline in the upper midcard, but he is being wasted at the moment completely.
  3. Yeah, they probably think he can be pushed/seriously used in the ME whenever they want to so while they have nothing for him there they'll make him job and such to help other guys I guess.
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