Why Doesn't WWE Do More Of things Like This?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by WarMachine, Aug 9, 2014.

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  2. They actually do this all the time. The only problem is that Brock Lesnar is largely dull and only has so much to say.
    If you want to talk about crops you could film as many vignettes with Lesnar as you'd like.
  3. Lesnar is not Rock on the mic.....but he's not dull if used properly. They could easily do more sit down one on one talks with Lesnar....much like they did with the Cena feud this time....or have commentators in the back try to speak with him and let him have little segments and even attack officials, too. There's more they could do.....WWE just isn't creative enough to think outside their little boxed minds....
  4. You still don't get it. Lesnar can't do anyting more than we've already seen. He can't do live promos and his sit downs are all the same.
    Lesnar will not put the effort in to do anything different.
    Brock Lesnar is a sh**head and I'm embarrassed that you UFC marks ever made him a star.
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  5. hey hey hey time out....

    First off, I'm not a UFC mark. I enjoy UFC....but also Enjoy Lesnar's matches and talent (in WWE)....I wanted him to win because I'm sick of Cena and wanted something new. Plus, he just beat Taker and, whether you agree with him beating Taker or not, he deserves to beat Cena after that...it would make the Streak look like a joke if Cena beat him.

    Second, I feel that Lesnar can do other stuff....surte, he's limited because of his lack of mic skills....but, look at Roman Reigns....most of the time, he sucks on the mic....he just backs it up in the ring and fights.....
  6. Reigns is garbage.
    Cena is losing is fine. Him taking those suplexes was sick and could have injured him severely.
    You people are sick for enjoying that match . You all need help if you believed it was funny.
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  7. Reigns is not garbage.....needs some mic work....but he's good in the ring and great with the crowd....all opinion, but I feel he's a next bigger talent and that's why they're pushing him. He just has a badass persona about him....much like lesnar does.

    LOl, if Cean was really hurt that bad....WWE would fire Brock and move on, or at least suspend him or something....I'm not saying that Brock couldn't have lightened up a little bit, but it was nice seeing Cena get his ass beat for once.
  8. Sorry, brah. Reigns is trash.
    WWE isn't going to fire Brock Lesnar for hurting John Cena. You missed the whole point.
    Angle brock Edge's neck during a series of matches in late 2002. It's the primary reason you don't see matches utilizing overuse of that move.
    Lesnar isn't a bada**. He's a d***. Reigns may be edgy, but he isn't a bada** at all.

    I see the Empire has brainwashed you. Somebody has to be brainwashed if the Empire intends to make a profit.
  9. JC continuing to go full retard all across the forum I see.
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  10. you're trash, bra :emoji_wink:

    I didn't miss the point....please enlighten me. I think Cena knew he was going to get suplexed a ton....and if he didn't, I'm sure WWE wouldn't let their prime guy just get his neck shattered and have nothing happen to lesnar.

    I know that Edge's neck brock....Orton broke his collar bone getting thrown over a top rope....should people never do it again?...it's wrestling....

    the empire....dear god....
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  11. I'm not gonna disagree with this seeing as I already did with your other post. Lesnar is a great worker, he is the same as Big Dave. He wanted to come back, Heyman himself many times has said the only reason he came back in 2012 was because Brock was ready and wanted to come back. Brock's whole thing is he is a MMA champion and he came back to be the top star. When in fact Brock simply returned because he finished his battle with his illness and decided now was the best time to return to WWE.

    Lesnar wanted to do WWE and UFC but it was UFC president Dana White that said no, because he didn't want to blur the lines of UFC and WWE. Lesnar wasn't treated as a star in UFC, but in the short time that he accepted MMA and was able to adapt and actually have decent matches with the biggest fighters like cain velasquez is no easy feat.

    I'm sure Lesnar didn't shoot those suplex's. Cena had involvement and knew what he was going to do.
  12. JC when he was actually JC was pretty cool. Now.... ehhhh
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  13. Yea, not sure what happened honestly. He tries too hard now.
  14. Would you like a tissue?
    Told you already. There's no need.
    Sorry, but your hero is dead.
    That's mostly correct. If you want a reason, I can give it. I told Deth the same.
  15. A reason for what? You acting like a dunce all the time? lol
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  16. No. The reason why I'm spamming.
  17. I take back what I said earlier, you're just sore i don't agree with you. Grow up.
    No need for personal insults. I simply said WWE was brainwashing you and millions of others around the world.
    Thank you for calling me trash. It just shows how easy it is to get under your skin as well as D'Z and Deth.
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  18. I'm guessing you aren't brainwashed, yet you watch continuously and you're here on a daily basis discussing WWE and wrestling. lol.
  19. Nah, you just seemed less autistic then.
  20. Talking about being under people's skin? lol, someone get the Nero wannabe a warm glass of milk because its past his bedtime
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