Why doesn't WWE get Kurt angle back.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, May 7, 2012.

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  1. He's one of the greatest. He's good @ everything wrestling wise. Good heel, one of if not the funniest wrestler, reminds me of carlton from fresh prince, good @ mic, does entertaining segments and promos, is athletic and fun to watch in the ring and sells moves good. and yet wwe is letting him rot in TNA. 2 other people who can do it all similar to kurt are HBK and rock. HBK is retired and rock has his movie career, but wwe can bring kurt back if they wanted to. Why don't they?
  2. Kurt Angle doesn't want to be in WWE.
  3. I'm sure WWE can use their persuading powers to bring him here. It's not like his whole life is in TNA, he can still come back. WWE simply doesn't care enough about him to want him back. If they did they wouldn've been more stubborn with him coming back.

    I also don't get why he likes TNA, when in WWE you have fame, money, the crowd doesn't feel like a funeral. why not just stick to backyard wrestling rather than TNA.
  4. You think Kurt Angle is lacking fame or money? I don't.
  5. I'm sure he'll be back again at some point. Don't know if it'll be on a full schedule since wanting a reduced schedule was why he quit the WWE in the first place, but eventually all of the ex-WWE stars who have jumped to TNA come walking back to WWE (Christian, Booker T., Foley, Nash, etc.)
  6. He'll be back, he may not think so but he will once TNA send him packing.
  7. Eventually I'm sure we'll see him. At the moment he doesn't want to and I doubt WWE care.
  8. TNA send him packing? That would never happen bro.
  9. B/c he like being in the 2nd rate compuy as the face of the compuy rather then be a REALLY Champion in WWE!

  10. Kurt won't be leaving TNA for a long time IMO. He wants to see them grow, is allowed to do a lot of stuff outside such as movies and his food brand, getting paid a bomb whilst working limited dates and can do what ever painkillers he wants to plus they don't seem to care if he gets a DUI whilst Vince would be a lot more strict. He's given money and freedom which he couldn't get from the WWE.

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  11. There's a right answer to everybody. /thread
  12. Case closed and pipebomb
  13. I agree with CM Drunk, nailed it. Plus, I don't think he'll be wrestling for much longer.
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