News Why Evan Bourne hasn't returned

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 16, 2014.

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  1. Once Evan Bourne returns, he will change the landscape of the WWE forever
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  2. hurry up and bring him back! i liked him >:emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Damn, how long have they not have a use for him? They could have just put him in a tag team for the time being and use him to help boost that division a bit. Still would have liked to see a team of Evan Bourne and Mason Ryan, I always enjoyed the powerhouse/high flyer teams.
  4. Creative doesn't have anything? They don't have anything for half their roster, so that's lame speculation. They're saving him for the rumble most likely
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  5. How often do creative have nothing? Are they secretly chimps typing random stuff on typewriters? Seriously they have an entire world full of comics, music, film, books, and art to steal ideas from yet we get nothing.
  6. Have nothing for him? They are probably waiting for his contract to expire. You don't need to do a big angle for him just let him wrestle in a tag team.
  7. They could debut Zayn with him if they wanted I suppose.
  8. lol like creative has anything for anyone

    Bourne sucks anyway
  9. This whilst a decent idea might not be a fantastic idea for Zayn as the rub from working with Boutne probably isn't that great. However based on Zayn's talent he could probably get over.
  10. Ironic that they're talking about bringing him back at the same time as Christian but haven't because "creative has nothing for them"

    judging from their track record with Christian that sounds like bad news
  11. Kofi can start turning heel and Evan can come out and be like "What's wrong with you bro? You need to chill out" and they build a mini-feud til Mania for the Pre-Show.
  12. Hopefully when Christian comes back, he brings his Captain Charisma persona back with him. He was pretty vanilla during his last (short) run.

    Don't really care much for Evan Bourne and sometimes forget he's even still employed. But he's the kind of performer who you can always count on to deliver exciting, fast-paced matches in the undercard (a 'good hand'), so just stick him with a partner or throw him in the midcard somewhere.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. To be honest, a monkey with a typewriter could have probably booked at least a few things better than WWE did. The handling of Ryback, for example.
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  15. booking was never going to make up for Ryback sucking dick at everything outside of being buff
  16. Eh, wouldn't mind seeing him honestly, but I'll probably get bored of him pretty fast like I normally has. Unless he was a high flying heel, rare there's ever such thing.
  17. Starting to wonder why he got buff? Thinking small penis syndrome.
  18. Booking was pretty much the sole downfall of Ryback. The way he's been handled from HIAC 2012 to now is pretty much a textbook on how NOT to book a guy like Ryback (or anyone really) if you ever want him to be taken seriously.

    I didn't mind him much in the beginning. He may have just seemed like another typical muscle head with limited charisma and skills, but I though he had an arsenal of cool looking high-impact moves that made him fun to watch in the ring, which to me made him no different than Goldberg (although he never had anywhere near the same type of aura that Goldberg had.) He's supposedly careless in the ring but that too doesn't set him apart from Goldberg. At least Ryback has never kicked someone into a concussed retirement, ala Bret Hart.
  19. You are honestly going to sit here and say that 'proper booking' would have covered up Ryback's terrible lack of talent? for how long? Until he kills someone in the ring? Until he puts on the shittiest main event matches in recent memory? Too late on the latter, probably close to it happening on the former.
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