Why Eve Torres Has a New Role on RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. I hope she didn't replace Otunga. She talked like a legal counsler on RAW yesterday like Otunga. If not, then this would be awesome. Johnny, Eve, and Otunga. :gusta:

    Vince is tapping that ass. :kiss:
  2. Vince is definitely tapping it.

    Otunga won't be replaced, I think he & Eve could be one badass team actually.
  3. Eve getting a position like this is defintely a sign that Vince has had his way with Eve
  4. C'mon, guys. Isn't it possible she got the job on her own abilities? I mean, she's beautiful, bright, ............

    You're right; I forgot who we were talking about. Vince is tapping it.

  5. Vince is Waxing that shit no doubt
  6. Vince is a lucky son of a gun.
  7. Knew that was coming :laugh:
  8. i got it better im hitting Vicki in dem thunder Legs
  9. I think Vince must of had every diva on the roster past and present
  10. What the hell will she even do in this role? Apart from suck up to Johnny Ace.

  11. More Eve on my screen is always a good thing. She played her part well last night as well.
  12. Looks like Eve is a hoeski in real life
  13. Actually I've heard the complete opposite, apparently she's real classy.
  14. Eve can probably do well in various positions. I believe this one is really good to her, considering the heat she's been getting from crowds and all. And we all know what "Vince's favorite diva" means, lol.
  15. Kelly Kelly is Vince's favourite. Eve has obviously sucked up literally to Vince to get this administrator position
  16. If I was Vince the whole diva division would definitely be pushed haha! :trolldance:
  17. How do you suppose Kelly became his favourite? It wasn't for her armdrags unless that's in some way innuendo.
  18. Arm drag... hmm...
  19. how u know hes tapping that? he has a wife you know. or are you guys just joking when you say he's tapping that?
  20. It's all jokes, but it's not like he hasn't tapped one before, I'm sure he has.
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