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Apr 27, 2014
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- In the video above, Josh Mathews previews Friday's episode of TNA Impact Wrestling with Ultimate X and Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Lashley for the World Heavyweight Title.

- TNA's Gunner, who is a US Marine, missed the recent Impact Wrestling tapings because he was away filming a movie called "The Battle of New Orleans." Filming wrapped on Sunday. Apparently the movie features Navy Seals battling zombies. Gunner tweeted the following photo from the set:

- Gail Kim is featured in the current issue of Where Women Cook with her husband Robert Irvine. She posted the following photos on Instagram:

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Apr 1, 2012
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That note on the jap rookie is wrong. BJW said they did not know where Sekifuda would be working. Sekifuda said he would LIKE to work for TNA. Not that it was going to happen.

To back up my claims:
[BJW News] Big Japan held a press conference to announced that one of their latest young rookies Kota Sekifuda will be heading off to train in the USA. Sekifuda was joined by the BJW reprentative Eiji Tosaka and President Great Kojika for today’s announcement.

The 19 year old Kota Sekifuda (関札皓太 Sekifuda Kota), born June 24, 1995, made his professional debut on August 6, 2014 and now looks to take his career to a new level as he embarks on a journey overseas. Sekifuda may not be the biggest at only 165cm (5′5′’) and 77kg (170lbs), but his goal/drive is to grow as much as possible in both ability and strength. Sekifuda stated that he wants to learn abroad and he wants to strive for success as a pro-wrestler.

Sekifuda’s last match for now under BJW will be on 3/31 at the Korakuen Hall in which he will then make the trip soon following to the USA. When asked about where he is going, Sekifuda replied that he is looking at a training school based out of Florida. He wants the best teaching possible as he wants to step up and prove himself to the best of his ability.

Great Kojika commended the young talent on wanting to take this huge step and he wants to see him live his dream with open arms. He wished him much success and that Sekifuda comes back with the experience that he is striving to achieve.

As for an exact location to where Sekifuda is going that was not mentioned at this time. Just an American wrestling school of some kind. Though when asked what his true goal is, Sekifuda replied that he want to compete in TNA. Though TNA is not where he will be when he arrives in the USA. He closed out the announcement by stating that he will do his best to represent BJW and vowed to make a strong return.
That's from puro spirit/keeping the spirit alive.

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