Why has Cesaro been made US champion???

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Why has Cesaro been made US champion??? this guy gets no reaction, his character is boring and clearly shouldnt even be anywhere near a title. Its a joke Santino lost the belt to him
  2. Clearly you do not know how to read a crowd.

    Cesaro gets good crowd reaction for a mid card heel. He isn't expected to be a top villain yet. WWE wants to make him one though but they are investing in him for the long run by giving him time to grow. Taking out a over face like Santino will get him more heat. The kids will hate him for taking out the king of the trouser snake.
  3. It's a joke Santino was ever US champion at all. Santino is already over with the fans, he didn't need the title. He never hardly defended it, and it lost whatever prestige it had. Cesaro is good in ring worker, and draws some heat. He'll be a good midcard champion.
  4. The US title was held by a man using an oven glove as a finisher who lost it on a PPV pre show on YouTube, how the fuck could Antonio be any worse?
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  5. Antonio a joke? :dafuq: Santino was a comedy character with a shit move set. He defended that championship 3 times as his reign as United States champion, THAT is a fucking pathetic joke. Antonio may not be the best, but it's better then having some punk ass weak face bitch with the championship.
  6. Santino has a fucking puppet for a finisher. Nuff said.
  7. Because Santino never won to Casero that's why he is U.S. Champion today hehehe. :yay:
  8. Santino sucks dick obviously, but Cesaro wouldn't be my first choice for US Champ either. His character sucks dick at this point (even though I'm a fan of the worker)

    Not that the US Title means jackshit, but I would rather see it on a guy like Sandow or Clay
  9. I agree with D'Z, I don't think it was the right decision to give him the title, although I'm not completely against it. Obviously it's better than a comedy character, but his character is a bit weird at the moment. He can work, not a great talker which means he can't carry whatever gimmick they stick him to even though it sucks, and since his gimmick hasn't completely matured yet in my opinion they should've waited a bit to give him the title and push him.
  10. This.

    Cesaro is loved by the IWC because he can wrestle, but I'd rather watch a Santino segment than Cesaro. Until he has a manager he's going to remain boring.

    I don't buy into Stopspot's "he gets good crowd reactions", unless you're judging from the crickets.
  11. though his gimmick suck this guy is a great wrestler!
  12. I will say that i am not a fan of Cesaro's WWE Character, but I am a fan of his as a wrestler in general. He is a very talented wrestler who can thrive with the right gimmick (See RoH) And for him not getting a reaction, I'm pretty sure everyone gave him a big pop when he won the US Title, unless i am going deaf or something.
  13. I agree, he's talented in the ring, but they need to work on his gimmick.
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