Why hasn't the corporation storyline been a success?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Oct 4, 2013.

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  1. This week's RAW drew the lowest audience figures of the year and it's generally considered that the quality of the show has massively decreased from the standard set between Payback and Summerslam. Nowadays, it seems every RAW & SD focuses heavily on the corporation vs faces storyline that is failing to interest people.

    Why hasn't it been exciting?
  2. Big fuckin show.
  3. For just a second, forget what you know. Forget what you're heard in interviews, what heard from other people, read on dirtsheets and message boards, and just go back to being a complete casual fan who believes in kayfabe. You hear all this stuff about "what's good for business" and how Bryan isn't suitable for being "the face of the company" and wrestling in armories and how he doesn't look like a main eventer. How could that resonate with you? As a casual isn't the way you look at it "If Bryan wins on Sunday he wins the belt". Nothing about shaving his beard or impressing management or being pretty or any of this other crap, it just matters who wins the match. And there isn't nearly enough focus on that aspect.

    Plus, not only has Daniel Bryan (who I assume is still the main protagonist) not gotten enough of a spotlight, but it just seems like he's getting crushed against insurmountable odds. One of the key things in the original Corporation storyline was that Stone Cold WAS good for business, Vince just thought Rock was better, but Vince's hands were tied and in kayfabe he had to give Austin his opportunities because that's what the fans wanted. Therefore, Austin had some hope. Here, they keep saying "Daniel Bryan is a B+. Daniel Bryan would make a great Light Heavyweight Champion"... so in kayfabe it feels like Bryan's just going to get screwed over and someone else gets a shot. Some top face that is.

    The other issue with Bryan right now is that he isn't talking nearly enough. He really needs promo time to stand up to the Corporation to see how he has a chance. He hasn't had an opportunity to even speak about the "crooked referee" iirc. Come on, let the guy defend his case!

    For me, the biggest issue is Triple H. He talks, I change the channel. Understand how he'd use his position to get heat and stuff, but his promos are just borrrrrrring... Stephanie I really hate (heel heat) and enjoy watching, but she's mostly talking about dragging Big Show by a leash. Have no idea how casuals take this Big Show thing.

    There's a few other reasons the show quality has declined too. The longer this goes on and the less focus it needs, the more they're getting exposed as how 80% of the roster just has nothing going on. We need more than 2 storylines on the show! Plus it was pretty hard to turn away from Monday Night Football until the end, and by the time I switched back over Cesaro was jobbing to Santino. Yep.
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  4. The show's been fine except for morons on the internet saying it's not fine, but the show never lives up to their lofty standards of boring ROH-ness or whatever it is that they expect.
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  5. Monday Night Football? I don't watch football and I'm not aware what games are being played, but ratings are always expected to dip at this time of the year. There's probably a few other factors but I'd single this one out as the main one.

    I'm personally enjoying the story line, for the most part.
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  6. They've dedicated an incredible amount of TV time to it and, so far, nothing has really interested me to the extent that I would be looking forward to next week's show because of it. I hope it changes this Sunday and we get a big swerve, not a predictable Big Show heel turn or Orton turning on HHH.

    What I'm saying is, it should and could be much better.
  7. Maybe because WWE are just trying to replicate the Stone Cold vs the establishment shtick.

    I like Bryan and Steph, but this angle has been very linear and repetitive for the most part, especially in the Orton/Bryan department. Props to the Rhodes angle though, that actually pulls me in.
  8. reeling them in eh?

  9. If you say so.
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  10. They have been focussing too much on Big Show and been taking up too much TV Time. They need to add other feuds non related to The Corporation and not have every feud based and built up from The Corporation, It makes Raw boring to watch.
  11. I can't answer why it hasn't been exciting, because I've been enjoying it.. All my favorite guys are all relevant right now, except Antonio Cesaro.. He will be soon when he starts feuding with Los Matadores..

    People hate the fact Big Show has been walking around crying all the time. Fans were bitching about that 2 year's ago, I'm sure people are sick and tired of it. Big Show takes up too much time on RAW.
  12. It's all good imo,except Show. This whole "Superstar going broke and is forced to do stuff" thing is so over played,plus, no one wants to see these Show segments where he is either crying or is acting mad.
  13. Because it doesn't involve AJ Lee.
  14. MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. Even when it isn't great teams playing each other (see last nights game) it still is going to get a ton of views.

    The corporation angle isnt to blame as much as the lack of everything else going on. ADR is stale, Axel hasnt defended his title in a while, 3 of the champions are tied up with the angle, so there is no chance for a story build there. Oh and Wyatt is facing Kofi at this ppv. What really is there to look forward to at this point? I'm betting when Taker shows up on Monday things will gain a grip.
  15. Actually agree sort of, The storyline could use a women to dominate that division, Its not needed at this exact team because of the Total Divas Vs AJ Lee feud but further down the line it would be cool.
  16. Because AJ Lee = Ratings. Right.
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  17. I never claimed that, It will add to the division.
  18. <3 thank you
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  19. I still find it as a success whether ratings blow or not.
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  20. They need a big rebellion!! Superstars against the machine.. I dont think anyone has what it takes to be that Austin type badass, though..
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