Why hasnt the PG Era been as entertaining at other eras?

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  1. As the title said, Why do you guys think that the PG Era hasnt been as good as other eras?
  2. I think that now everything's more predictable. Wrestlers like Bully Ray said now everything's more planned. He said that in his first match in ECW, Heyman told him "you're going to be chockslammed" and that's all the indications so he could do whatever he wanted.
  3. It's all relative. The New generation era (the one before the attitude era) wasn't the most entertaining one either.
  4. IMO the biggest thing missing in the PG era is the lack of interesting characters. I think I mentioned this in another thread but there are too many guys who are so similar. Besides Wyatt, Kane, and Fandango who really has a unique character? Personally I don't count bad ass as a character, and even if I did, 2-3 would be enough. Wrestling was at it's best when the wrestlers were larger than life characters. Sure there are going to be corny ones like Fandango but I give them kudos for trying. As stale as the Funkasaurus has become at least it was something different and new. Let guys come up with their own character (ala Razor Ramon) and I'm certain things would become more entertaining. It is all make believe after all.
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  5. maybe its because we got older and more clever/knoledgeable making it easier to predict just a thought plus its aimed at a younger audience
  6. Bad writing.
  7. This era isn't perfect but it's not that bad either. It's definitely better than the New Generation, that's for sure. The New Generation of 1993-1997 (though the term was only coined in 1994 right after Wrestlemania 10) had some of the worst gimmicks and story lines in history. And Diesel as world champion for a year.

    The PG era has at least had plenty of good feuds that are worth mentioning - Cena/Orton, Orton/HHH, Jericho/Michaels, Cena/Punk, Rock/Punk, Batista/Cena, Michaels/Undertaker (which saw the end of HBK's career), Hardy/Punk, Michaels/JBL, DX/Legacy, etc. - and other moments and occurrences that are worth noting as well. The Shield's entrance into the company? Daniel Bryan coming and getting over as a superstar? Nexus at least started off good, even though the end product was a misfire. The Rock's return, which wasn't as good as some had hoped but many of us still got something out of it and it was certainly good for business for WWE. CM Punk becoming a long term main eventer was a great thing for Punk fans to witness, and don't forget that the Straight Edge Society was awesome, at least to me it was. Legacy was a pretty decent group, and I loved seeing Rhodes and Dibiase defeat HHH and Michaels cleanly in the I Quit Tag Team match at Breaking Point 2009. And then there's Mark Henry winning a world title at long last, for those who are fans of Henry.

    I could go on but you get the point. In the long run, when you look back on this era, there will still be plenty of stand out moments that are worth remembering.
  8. The Golden Era was PG as well.

    The modern PG version is absolute trash because it's a bunch of generic guys in tights in awful storylines. The Golden Era was the best era of wrestling ever. The ratings don't kill, the piece of shit storylines and mostly uninteresting characters do.
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  9. I feel like (and I've felt this since 2011) that WWE has been on the rise. If you watch things from 2008 to about 2011, I hated that period. It seems the divas division is looking great now, NXT and the performance center is a great place for up and comers. There are new interesting characters like Bray Wyatt. There seems to be more high quality matches. I could go on for a while but I feel like very slowly each year WWE has improved and I hope that continues.
  10. Im sorry but the Golden Era is far from the best, How can Hogan being champ 24/7 with even more boring shitty storylines the best? The current PG Era is much better than Golden.
  11. There was some good things from the New Generation Era mainly Shawn Michaels first title reign.
  12. I agree with this. 2010/2011 was horrible, you had wrestlers like John Morrison and The Miz were challenging for the WWE title. There was a big lack of talent then. WWE has cetainly improved in recent years
  13. That's, like, your opinion, man.

    Who cares who was champ? Cena and Orton traded being champ enough times. Punk was champ for over a year. k? It isn't just about who is champ. It's about the product as a whole.
  14. Yeah and the product as a whole has crap. Shitty gimmicks, Stale shit storylines and Hogan. Punk and Orton have talent.
  15. LMAO

    In the end, it is a matter of opinion. I don't know why you feel you have to be salty over an opinion. If you think the product is better now, that is cool with me. To each his own.
  16. People overstate how "bad" this era has been, but it's not as bad as most people think. It definitely had a few absolutely poor years though. 2009-2010 have to be candidates for the worst years of WWE. They sacrificed good writing for mainstream attention with guest hosts and all that crap. The writing was poor for a long long time, and they didn't want to invest their time into building new stars. There was no creativity. You think there isn't many gimmicks in WWE now? Well, watch 2009-2010 again. It's not been a terrible era, but it has had terrible times.
  17. I dont think it has been bad by far, Its at a high point right now.
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