Why hasn't WWE got Ice Cream bars????

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Why hasn't WWE given the fans the ice cream bars CM Punk was talking about??? it doesnt make any sense thats a huge money maker for the company to do CM Punk ice cream bars along with other superstars having their own ice cream bars. Is Vince stupid???
  2. It's WWE, since when do they do the right thing?
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  3. They could be big sellers but these things take time. They'd need suppliers for one. My guess is if they comeback it will be in the summer.
  4. The best company, that's what you're talking about sir.
  5. When Heyman was running RAW or something like that... Then WWE did the right thing.
  6. Too cold?
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  7. Reading these forums over the weeks it's become clear everyone loves Heyman on here and WOW I think WWE need him back man the guy was a genius.

    P.S. Anyone seen him in the film Rollerball makes a pretty crap film amazing as he is a commentator an relives a lot of his moments haha it's great!
  8. Damn not seen that.
  9. The best? They're the biggest but I'm not sure I'd class them as the best wrestling company. They have some good moments but alot of blunders also.
  10. To be honest, I'd classify RoH as the best wrestling company, mainly because their skills are more rreal there, and they actually have the chance to use all their skills, and not just limit them, @[seabs].
  11. Good shout. I must admit I've enjoyed PWG more then any company in 2011. Some of the matches they've had have been insane.
  12. Ice cream bars aren't healthy

    You do realize Hostess twinkies filed for bankruptcy, right?
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