Why hasnt WWE pulled the trigger here?

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  1. Let's just face the facts. The uso's are overrated, the Primo/Epico move has failed time and time again, and the WWE is hurting for OVER tag teams that can draw. The fact is they are forcing babyfaces when they do not need to....

    So why not Hire Daniels and Kaz and let the tag team division be filled with over heels until they can really build up a few baby faces in NXT to move up and get over? They will need a handful, but teams up in WWE are dying for a chance to face multiple babyfaced teams. It's going to be a rough run, filled with teams made only because they need to put face teams together.

    Kaz and Daniels are a perfect example of a team who can split the shift for both in NXT and build face teams because THEY GET OVER and can make people look huge. I can't be the only one who feels this way, we have plenty of other old timers signed and both are still on the ball in the ring.

    Anyone agree? Disagree?
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  2. Because fuck them, that's why. :pipebomb:

  3. Because whenever these two have been available, WWE has worked on a bodyguy mentality or the /anyone who has worked for Jarrett is no go mentality.

    Granted this ignores the fact that Kazarian used to work for WWE.

    Most of the rest of the time both men have been under contract somewhere else, so there's no way WWE could have touched them
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  4. I think it's because they are contracted to ROH and have other commitments. And I'm pretty sure Daniels has said he's not working a loaded schedule, but I may be imagining. And despite that, Daniels is really up there in age. He moves and looks like someone who isn't close to 50, but I don't think WWE would want him at that age.

    Kaz's case is odd to me. I'm not sure why they won't pick him up if he got available.

    That hasn't seemed to have been applied to like 7/10 of their last signings.
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  5. I never said that mentality applies now. But historically WWE has very rarely signed guys from TNA. In part stemming from Vince's hate for Jeff Jarrett after JJ held him up for money.
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  6. Love Daniels and Kaz, but they'd end up being another case of The Dudleys. Minus the nostalgia ofc.

    I wouldn't mind seeing ReDRagon get signed, greatest team on god's green.
  7. Should've hired 'em years ago, they're great.
  8. Would they have been handled well years ago tho?
    WWE only fairly recently started treating and handling "wrestlers" (guys with independent, non WWE experience) well compared to homegrown product, which historically have almost always been of a higher priority. Especially guys like Kaz and Daniels size.

    Hell. Kazarian worked for the WWE 2005-2006 and did absolutely nothing.

    WWE could have signed them years ago, but odds are they would have been pre-show/Superstars fodder, jobbers or similar.
  9. Ehh, probably not. That's a good point.

    Although, I was hoping WWE might pick 'em up in the summer of 2014, before it was announced they'd debut in ROH at BITW. But, oh well.

    Not sure WWE would want to pick 'em up now, since Frankie is 38 and Daniels is 46. But, given WWE's been signing these 'older' wrestlers lately, I guess I wouldn't be too surprised.
  10. They have longterm contracts with ROH since they also hold backstage jobs with the promotion. So it is not that likely
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  11. I have no issue with them being in WWE or NXT to put talent over, the fact is they can work well and make people look like stars, no matter who. They did it in TNA for the last full year I watched it, and have a presence a lot bigger than the Dudley Boyz, who are stuck in their old gimmick.

    BUT like you said they are in contract with RoH, and god only knows how Vince would use them in their gimmick. Unfortunately, they will be too old by the time Vinny Mac finally passes and Trips takes over.

    Still, this is the tag team I would put in the division to be baby faced assholes and put over talent that needs it, I know the Vaudevillains? Lucha Dragons etc would be so much > they are with matches with people like the Dudley boyz. Not that I dislike them, honestly I want to see Bully go heel solo.

    Also wtf happened to spell checker here? I need that shit.
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