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Discussion in 'RAW' started by RoyalRaven, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Replaced Jerry "The King" Lawler yet? I mean I'm pretty sure most of us here at least don't like the guy. My friends outside of here who watch wrestling, can't stand his jokes and some go far as to say he even ruins the show for them. But I agree, he hardly talks during matches and when he does, he makes the worst jokes I've heard.

    Now that JR's gone from WWE, who would you have to replace him? Personally I'd be happy if they chucked Renee in there, I mean it'd be the JBL and Cole show cast members who have a good chemistry together, plus We'd get rid of Lawler for an attractive young woman, something that commentary team could do with.

    Your thoughts on Lawler/replacing him?
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  2. I think he is an annoying old pervert rapist, yeah replace him. Renee Young is a really good on commentary.
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  3. Yea I'd replace him. That way I'd actually be somewhat excited when he appeared in WWE. There are many people they could put on the desk instead of him.
  4. Nobody is going to come here and say he should still be apart of the commentary team. He adds nothing and detracts away from what is going on more often than not. Its probably a Vince thing, maybe they can give him a meaningless behind the scenes gig and get him the fuck off TV for good.
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  5. He makes me laugh frankly, but I'm used to him over the years maybe. Maybe I like terrible jokes. But I would not say no to a cute young woman replacing him.
  6. I've never been overly keen on 3 man booths to begin with. JBL and Cole have a proven track record and are still both on their game today. Lawler clearly doesn't give a fuck, which is fine, dandy, go find something else to do with your time big guy,.
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  7. Remember when Vince sat at that table regularly? I liked his over the topness
  8. He was too much for me. His fake 'hey I'm a commentator!' voice was god awful lol.
  9. Well he ranks better than Cole in my book. When he gets real excited and his voice gets real high, like nails on a chalkboard man.
  10. Cole is fine IMO. Not a legend by any stretch, but tolerable. Better option than anyone else they can probably find to do the job.
  11. Lawler is friends with Vince. Thus he stays.

    I'm all for replacing the old coot.

    As for replacing him with Renee as Adam suggested: No. Renee is good on interviews but sucks on commentary.
  12. Being that he had a heart attack a year ago, I am for him retiring.
  13. Cos Vince probably loves Jerry
  14. Just JBL and Cole don't need a 3rd party. Plus those two have some genuinely great moments at the min ripping each other etc...
  15. JBL and Cole by themselves are fine. JBL roots for the heels, Cole roots for the faces and they usually find a middle line at certain times like with R-Truth "what's ups" and whatever. They're both great on commentary and have good chemistry together. No reason to add anybody else to the mix of these two. Just take out Jerry Lawler and the commentary will get better.
  16. [​IMG]

    Thats what we need.
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  17. I wish they'd find a way to replace all three of them because I'm tried of hearing all of them. Lawler is obviously the worst, though. He admitted to losing his passion for commentating a long while ago. He probably stays because it's a comfortable job that he's been used to doing for awhile and he only has to work one day out of the week (two when it comes to PPVs), barring any promotion he might have to do for the company. Plus, Vince still likes him for some reason, just like he irrationally hates JR for some reason, too.

    I haven't enjoyed Lawler much on commentary since he adopted more of a 'tweener' nature starting around 2005/2006.
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  18. +1 for calling for Renee Young, but just keep Cole and JBL.

    Lots of people are calling for them all to go since they can't get over the "stories in the ring", but WWE matches have no stories. Can't blame JBL for dicking around, and Cole is probably just a corporate stooge (can't blame him as VKM pays well)
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