why I’ve always liked Roh better then wwe. And my true feelings on wwe

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I’ve gotten alot of heat for my posts but you know what fuck it.. it says general wwe but I don’t give a shit where i post this.

From 2002 to 2011. Roh had the better product, they had better talent, better storylines, the match quality was tremendous, and most importantly the title actually ment something everytime the title changed hands it always felt like a Big deal. It never hop potatoed around like it ment nothing like it does in the wwe, with bums like the miz and Sheamus who have held world titles.

The wrestling in Roh was so good it was almost addicting. So while the wwe in 2003, 2004, 2005, was shoving triple h down people’s throats with the reign of terror, Guys like punk and joe were putting on classic matches in Roh,

The wwe/f has always been driven on bullshit soap opera storylines that’s what the additude era was really about lets be honest, the additude era had entertainers not wrestlers, Austin and rock were entertainers that’s it. The only real wrestlers you had were
Kurt angle,
Chris Jericho,
Chris Beniot

That’s about it. Give me the Roh early to mid 2000s roster, Kevin steen, cm punk, joe, Danielson, even aj was there for awhile, low ki, Daniels, Raven, oh yeah and Roh actually used raven right unlike the wwf, Nigel, Cesaro, Hell even Brian Kendrick when he was there, homicide, steve koreno, etc.

The truth is I’ve never been a big wwf/e guy I just made those posts to get a reaction out of people because I knew people would disagree with me on certain topics, Roh will forever be my favorite promotion and it will forever be the best and if you don’t think so your a jackass.

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