Why I Love Professional Wrestling

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  1. Hey guys, been a while, I'm back finally! Today I have more of a serious topic so for once, humor will not be a priority during this. Hopefully you're not sitting there thinking, "Were the other posts suppose to be funny?" because if you are... :emoji_slight_frown:

    As far back as I can remember, pro wrestling has always had a social stigma attached to it. As a child, I was never sure why, I thought what these men and women were doing was incredible. It was the most captivating thing involving moving pixels I had ever seen. As I've grown older, I am obviously well aware of how outsiders can look at pro wrestling and pass it off as a laughable excuse for entertainment. However, like many other misunderstood forms of art and/or entertainment, there is a completely logical explanation to the madness. (Next section is for uninformed readers, just a warning to you forum users)

    There is one common phrase that has been uttered for generations, it's something us fans despise and that is that pro wrestling is fake. Then you're shown a 2 second snipit of a 7 minute match that did prove that the large oily man that did in fact NOT connect with his elaborate and outlandish punch. Clearly you do not understand what you are watching, these men and women are acting and we are all well aware of this fact. What you seem to not realize is that pro wrestling is essentially a form of theatre with a heavy emphasis on physicality. Everything is an elaborate production and every talent you see on TV is portraying their own character. The portions that are labeled as fake are the actual in-ring performances, which, are commonly used as a way to end storylines, and the storylines themselves. How fake are these matches though? If we were to pull off the mat, we'd be looking at a 20x20 half inch thick piece foam padding, following that is a 20x20 block of wood. Dustin Rhodes said it best in his book, he said that being slammed on the mat is like being slammed on a lawn, it has no give, it hurts and you never get used to it. Every time you see a man or woman get slammed on the mat, it feels like crap, yet they spend 5-6 days a week doing it. Why? Because they love to entertain us, the fans. Every match you see is planned out or the sequence of moves is called during the match itself, it's impossible to know how a crowd is going to reacts so it comes down to preference. Regardless, every (half decent to good) wrestler on the planet, goes out in front of an audience and puts together a match that was either hardly planned in advance or they call the shots live, that to me is unbelievably impressive. For two performers to know how to entertain any crowd on a whim is something that many people couldn't do and I it's a underappreciated skill. The storylines on the other hand are obviously fake and scripted, it's the execution of how they are played out and how well they are told by the performers that I and many other fans enjoy.

    So, now that you know this information, you can start to understand why I spend many hours a week watching wrestling. I watch it from a perspective of a fan that enjoys watching an intricate performance come to life, I enjoy watching the audience, that thinks pro wrestling storylines are real, get in to the show and that in turn, gets me excited. When you have an entire arena collectively screaming at the sight of a dramatic kick out, it's hard to watch and not have the same reaction. When someone gets on the mic and can make the audience laugh, boo, cheer, sit in complete silence because of intrigue (there's a difference from boredom) or even cry, I love it, I absolutely love it to death. When someone is a good "talker", it's the same deal as being a good wrestler, if they can elicit the reaction they wanted, I am in turn impressed and entertained. So in the end, even though I am informed about how wrestling goes down, I still end up sharing a similar connection to a certain wrestler that a fan who does think the show is real also has.

    Regardless of who you are though, we all live for the moments that make us show real emotion. Whether you are "smart" to the business or you watch wrestling as if you were watching another one of your TV shows, we all enjoy the pageantry and spectacle that is pro wrestling. We have in the past, we do now and we always will be fans of professional wrestling.


  2. I hate professional wrestling.
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  3. You should write about it
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  9. Still love you Kooldip <3 I also love professional wrestling. We have so much in common.
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  10. Haha I guess I should have specified that I mainly wrote this for my friends that don't understand why I watch it lol I love you to man
  11. I read it and was like "Should I make a reply regarding Kooldip's post or just tell him I love him?" I went with the 2nd choice.
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  12. Well either way, I value your replies <3
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  13. I value your replies also :lady:
  14. It's kinda weird the only ones who don't attack you unless your some big ass important son-bitch on this forum is the staff or creative team.
  15. You shouldn't have to explain this to your friends, you're too fabulous for that.

    Just put your hand in there face and be like. "Bitch, Why you so obsessed with me?" and strut off.
  16. It's something I wanted to do, I'm not reserved about watching WWE or anything like that, you should see my twitter lol but I think this was a good opportunity to educate skeptics. All I really needed from the forum was whether or not it was coherent and a decent explaination lol
  17. i love wrestling because it's just fun escapist entertainment in my experience only marks that treat it as real (kayfabe addicts) get stigmatized.
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