Why I think Daniel Bryan VS CM Punk is a last minute filler.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Asskicker, May 1, 2012.

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  1. Title says all. On Raw the match between big show and jericho obviously went wrong either by the referee or Jericho. You could tell it went wrong because the referee then stopped at 10 and looked at the announcer table and told them to just ring the bell and make Jericho the winner since he wanted to avoid being on the spot for that error. Also Jericho could've made it wrong since he took so damn long to get in the ring on time. Either way, WWE would've continued or start to end the Jericho/Punk feud formerly in some way but next week I predict Jericho will get involved and this can potentially lead to a triple threat match at OTL. I may be wrong but hey give your two cents!
  2. I'm probably being over-optimistic here, but I have a feeling that they may put the championship gold on Danielson.

    Punk's reign is getting a little tedious now to say the least, not due to any fault of his own though. Bryan is the most over superstar in the WWE besides Cena, they know he's not gonna let down in the ring, so if they want to put the WWE title on Bryan this is their best chance. Hwill freshen things up and hopefully deliver like he did during his Heavyweight championship reign.

    As for Jericho, as much as I would love to see him in a triple threat match with Bryan and Punk, I don't think that's happening. My worry is that he's going to fued Big Show.. I just can't see where else he fits in? At least the one positive would be that Cody Rhodes would be away from him for a while.
  3. I gald Byran Number 1 Conder but HE NOT WINNING THE WWE CHAMPION! B/c CM Punk to much over right now! AND IS THE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD!

  4. I'll probably regret this :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: But do you not think that Punk would maybe benefit from losing the title for a bit? He's getting a little stale and might get more over if he's having to chase the title instead of holding it ..
  5. HELL NO! I said stay as the WWE Champion! I mean have never really wrestler ashley anyone good until WM28 when he vs. Y2J even 1 else he defend title again all Suck or are Mid Card are not ready main event yet! He need to Bryan to prove he the Best Wrestler in the World or all the real fans are going to said that see Bryan is the best in the world when fuckin not! CM PUNK IS! Bryan a great wrestler but he NOT BTHE BEST! And people not fuckin get though that head! CM Punk will keep the WWE Title to vs. Brock at SummerSlam and or The Rock!

  6. :upset:
  7. He could lose for a month or so to Bryan to keep it interesting? Then win it back to face Brock at Summerslam..

    And Bryan is the best Wrestler in the WWE just now. People could argue that Ziggler or Kidd maybe are but I think it's pretty undisputable that Bryan is a better wrestler than Punk is.
  8. I don't think they changed the PPV match because of a botch. I agree that there may have been a mistake or something, but the referee made Jericho the winner, and right after the break they told us Miz still had the time to beat, which leads me to think that the original idea was for Jericho not to beat the clock.

    I don't think Bryan will win the title, but I'd love to see it. He is extremely over and my favorite full time superstar right now, and he is simply great inside the ring. He holds his own on the stick as well, so why not? Punk's reign ir not going that well. I like Punk, but I agree with those who say that he's getting a little stale or something like that. I don't know who'll walk away as the WWE Champion, but I'm sure I'll enjoy their match.
  9. Re: RE: Why I think Daniel Bryan VS CM Punk is a last minute filler.

    Translation - im a mark so i don't want him to drop the belt because Bryan has outshined my bum chum.

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  10. Bryan is NOT THE BEST IN WORLD! CM PUNK IS THE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD! Stop denied it! And CM Punk will keep the WWE Title at OTL! And then will vs. Kane at No Way Out!

  11. Punk vs Kane?
  12. HELL YEAH! No Way Out is a all Cage Match PPV so it make sense to have the Devil Favorites Demon vs. The Bets Wrestler in the Wolrd for the WWE Champion!

  13. Bryan is the real best in the world, you'll see that soon.

  15. His gimmick says it, but Bryan is legitimately the best wrestler in the world.

  17. Ladies and gentlemen...

    Kayfabe is alive and well!!!

  18. Randy. If Punk who's called the best in the world (since it's his GIMMICK), Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, William Regal and throngs of other wrestlers in the business say that Bryan is the best in the world. Then I think there is no room for argument. Bryan is the true best in the world. Case Closed and Pipebombs banned from ringside.
  19. You guys are both wrong. Kevin Steen is clearly the best in the world.
  20. CM Punk marks are ridiculous to say the least. Even though it maybe a last minute filler, it's still great to see that Daniel Bryan will compete against CM Punk. They both had matches twice in the past and they where great matches. Interested to see how this feud will play out. Daniel Bryan is better than CM Punk, like it or not.
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