Why I think PG rating isn't to blame

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  1. Now I keep seeing people always blaming the PG Ratings for the bad Raws lately, but I believe the PG rating isn't to blame. The classic era was a PG rating and remember it had good wrestling and good storylines. The ratings aren't the things that are bad, it's how the feuds, wrestling, and everything is being developed. As much as I use fuck, shit and other words, we don't need that to make wrestling good, nor do we need to see blood on every episode of Raw.

    We still see weapons getting used and announcer tables getting smashed. The problem with Raw today is, unless it's revolved around John Cena it doesn't get main event attention. Not blaming Cena, but whoever is working this. Remember, the WWE championship didn't get the main event slots when Cena wasn't part of it. The tag team division is barley getting built up, and the divas division is dead. The midcard division is hanging on by a mere thread.

    This could all be repaired by giving feuds, using the new hour for Raw for developing Diva feuds, tag team feuds, longer more entertaining matches, less pathetic humor like what Santino does and then rebuilding championship prestige, and building up everybody. Also use someone like Cena, take him AWAY from the championship picture, he has had 12 reigns, that's enough. He needs to put young talent over, and at least if someone like Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, or Dolphh Ziggler gets over then the future of WWE can be set. PG ratings didn't fuck up WWE, it's poor planning. Look at NXT and FCW, they are good and are at PG ratings too.
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  2. Agreed. It's usually the writer's fault anyways.
  3. I've always thought this. Although today's PG era is a lot more watered down and corny than the previous PG eras, but that is indeed the fault of the writers and not any actual restrictions that the PG rating brings on. I also don't think the loss of blood is really a big deal. They used to used blood WAY too much that it lost it's effect anyway, and now they can technically use it in certain rare situations (like at Extreme Rules) where it has so much more effect that way.

    I've always pointed out that the NWO angle in WCW (one of the greatest wrestling angles ever) could have easily existed in a PG era, no problem. That alone proves that PG isn't the main problem, the actual writing/booking is.
  4. That is true, and the corniness really needs to get out. The blood thing is better used less, besides the use at Extreme Rules, when Sheamus was ambushed by Alberto and Alberto slammed Sheamus's head until it bled, it really sold the attack more because of it. And yes, the booking and writing needs to be changed big time.
  5. It's not the writers fault. they have many good ideas. It's vince's fault. he has the last say in everything. he has no interest in the mid card.
  6. Totally agree with what Farooq says it's bad booking in the back and poor storylines. Plus this not giving a shit attitude WWE have for anyone who isn't over or doesn't draw straight away for them. They need to realise that they need to build talent.
  7. Exactly, it's Vince's fault. It's not PG, previous PG eras were much better, so who's blame is it? It's not the writers as Vince said, it's Vince's fault. He throws every idea the writers have out and rewrites everything on his own, and doesn't care about the midcard, continuity and others, which leads us to the current product.
  8. I laughed at this :haha: and not just that, but also last minute changes. Remember, when CM Punk returned, John Cena shouted "it's not Del Rio" so it's obvious that they may have been expecting Del Rio, but they didn't, and didn't alert everyone. They need to stop making last minute changes, have everything prepared at least.
  9. Exactly, sometimes they finish the script when the show is already airing. As Nash said, they are given their interview/promo stuff like 30 seconds before they go on air.
  10. PG is the blame for everything obviously. Nothing to do with booking, storylines, gimmicks, burials etc. Gawd!!
  11. :gtfo: Go watch reruns of the Attitude era you newfag and tell us how great and perfect everything was. :finger: noobs. :tough:
  12. Nah obviously not.

    As soon as wwe turned PG, writers suddenly turned shit, vince suddenly lost interest in midcard, everybody suddenly started getting buried. Sounds totally legit.
  13. Exactly this, I bet the network executives knocked down Vince's door and demanded he stopped building the midcard, buried everyone for the top faces and other pitfalls as it didn't fit into the PG ideology.
  14. :facepalm1: I think it's because SexyPedo is part of the writing team now.
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