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  1. Why IF Shawn Michaels did NOT GET INJURY AT THE ROYAL RUMBLE!? Ok so I know I as a few win about what if Montreal Screwjob never have been? But What if it still have been and then at the Rumble 2 month later HBK does not get injury at the Rumble again Taker or that make it again Shamrock the guy who was sopost face him at the Rumble since HBK got himself DQ at the DX PPV. What have been does Stone Cold still get the WWE Title at WM14!? Does the Stone Cold vs. Vince feud ever start!? If HBK still around DX comtuines to feud with Stone Cold then after WM14 right!? Though?​

  2. Austin was hot at the time so yeah I'm guessing he still gets the title and Austin Vince kicks off, Shawn could have taken HHH's / Taker's spot in 98/99 I suppose.
  3. When would he have taken taker spot what spot did Taker have? And If u think abut if Stone Cold still win HBK have a rematch clase so that would still feud which would not alot Vince to start his feud with Stone Cold.
  4. Taker with the ministry went up against Austin a lot in 98 didn't he? I'm guessing Shawn would have just replaced Taker. Vince could have still have tried to screw Austin with Shawn as his chosen champion.
  5. no that was 99. there no until ministry 99. and i don't think so since DX did not care about the rules and or vince for that made just look what that did to Seg. Selreler.
  6. Damn I got my dates wrong sorry, but Taker had matches with Austin for a lot of 98 didn't he? Shawn could have either replaced Taker or been written into that. As for DX it could have been the ultimate swing for Shawn to go corporate, think about it he was antiestablishment but the chairman screwed his biggest rival to give him the title, it makes sense for him to align with the boss to win his title back. The corporate champion instead of Rock? It's possible IMO.
  7. I think you already made a thread about this not long ago.

    Stone Cold was about to take off, so Austin still wins the title and Austin vs The Boss still happens. Michaels may have gotten a rematch at first but then he probably would have just continued leading DX with HHH. They may have done a split angle between Michaels and HHH around this time, with them feuding much earlier and HHH still being a baby face as a result. HBK did a heel stint with the Corporation in early '99 (and DX actually made fun of him along with the rest of them with their Corporation mockery) so I could see him becoming one of Vince's favorites (wearing a suit and stuff, just as he did) to continue to do battle with Austin again later on.

    Otherwise, HBK's usual drug problems flaring up causes him to take time off anyway.
  8. No that was for what IF the Screw in 1997 did not have been i don't think i made this thread of if he got injury yet?
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