Why is HHH on TV?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by JC4Life37, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. I'm a HHH guy. He was the reason I watched the 'E' from 99-00 when Austin was gone.

    He's had his ups and many downs since but lately.... WTF, man!

    I'm no Miz mark, but what does it accomplish when a 42 year old bully buries a 31 year old upstart and puts on the 'net?

    The only people who want to see HHH/Taker are Vince and idiots who just woke up from a 10 year sleep

    Not one person has benefited from him being on TV... why is he on?

    Is HHH even a face? He's basically Vince with a crowd behind him, but these are the same losers who scream stupid catch phrases w/Mr. Johnson.

    Mark Henry was this close to getting Taker... I'd rather see Benoit today face Taker than HHH at this point
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  2. Word. Life.
  3. Deadman vs Deadman? I agree Hunter serves no purpose any more but his ego is too big to miss a spectacle like Wrestlemania. Some guys just struggle to give it up.
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  4. It's quite obvious why. I think he has like a formula: he :bury: - he :shovel:
  5. Dude, you're insane.
    HHH has a boss function in WWE now.
    What he did to Miz was probably a public/kayfabe payback for missing the spot with R-Truth.
    HHH was very mad with Miz after what happened.
    What he did, was like a boss.
    Giving his answer to the ones who ask for too much.
    HHH 4-life!
  6. Abit unprofessional burying one of your biggest biggest stars though isn't it? He should have handled it in private.
  7. Maybe Miz told him to?
    Maybe he felt really bad about it?
  8. I agree with you for the most part. I've never loved HHH but I did like him back in the day. Right now, he wastes TV time and really has no function on RAW. He's part of no storylines or anything. Then, he buries Miz who, is one of the best mic workers on the roster. Oh well, see you in a few weeks Miz.
  9. I find myself liking a lot of your posts JC4. Completely agree.
  10. :bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury::bury:
  11. Miz is getting his a** handed to him... that's why he cut the promo he did

    Not only is Miz jobbing, he's tapping.

    He's squared... he's paying the price.

    Did Miz screw up? Sure did. Has HHH ever gone out to the ring wearing diaper shorts? Sure has.

    Where are HHH's redeemable qualities... he's a heel, folks backing out of a fight w/a 45 year old broken down heap is cowardice too
  12. '45 year old broken down heap is cowardice too'

  13. The last guy with star potential that was buried this bad for an honest mistake... was the MSG curtain call

    Hunter Hearst Helmsley thinks HHH is going too far with this

    Hunter Hearst Helmsley needs to call WWE and explain how HE's better than HHH

    F*** me, though, cause it's obvious HHH thinks Hunter Hearst Helmsley was the biggest tool ever

    Jose, backing away from Undertaker and the reasons given were heel moves... even I could kick Taker in the ba**s and beat him at this point
  14. I don't really see how it was Miz's fault. R-Truth looked like he was the one out of position. Miz was to his left rather than directly in front of him and he jumped over the top anyway. And Miz wasn't fast enough to his feet to jump or move to the left to catch him. I'd put the blame mostly on R-Truth.
  15. I wouldn't blame anyone tbh, it's wrestling mistakes happen.
  16. To start with, i would like to mention most people find miz boring and most fans are happy seeing miz burried by hhh. Self proclaimed "smarks" (smark is just an oxymoron anyway) can bitch about it all they want, but its not gonna change.
    HHH it still and always have been, more interesting on the mic than miz. Well i wouldnt even compare his mic work with miz since miz is one of the most boring miz workers in this industry.
    Was the crowd happy seeing miz buried by hhh? yes. Then i see no reason not to do it.
    As i stated before, miz isnt wwe standard, is better suited for tna.
  17. Miz > HHH on the mic. No one reacts when HHH speaks, he's used to cure insomnia.
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  18. Miz is 10x better than HHH on the mic. No doubt about it.
  19. You are a bigger fool by nature than Santino is as a keyfabe lmfao. :kiss:

    miz is one of the worst in wwe at the mic. We have all heard that hes awesome atleast 100 times, theres nothing exciting about it.
  20. OH BURN

    Lmfao :lol1:
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