Why is Jeff Hardy so much more stale than he was in WWE?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. This guy felt like a main-eventer in WWE, there's a reason he was the most over star in all of wrestling (not counting Cena's half and half reactions).

    But what is it about him in TNA that makes him feel like a mid-carder stuck in a main event spot? Is it the talent around him, With guys like Daniels, Aries, and Roode who seem like they're on a much higher level than Hardy? Or is it something else?

    Is it the fact that this is as transparent of a ratings ploy as ratings ploys get?

  2. I think part of it is character. I remember reading an interview back when he won the title were he said that he is basically using his main event TNA status to play out wrestling characters he made up as a kid (Willow of the wisp for example) and that he has adopted characteristics from them (the helmet for example). He seems so keen on experimenting with his character. When he was in WWE his character was clear cut. You knew who Jeff Hardy was. I also don't think he has as much passion for the business anymore.

    This is what I just think is part of the issue though.
  3. I never liked Hardy as a singles guy in WWE (marked for the Hardy's as a kid obv) but IMO he is just a boring guy. He isn't charismatic. He isn't good on the mic. And now he has a match script he follows to a T similar to RVD.

    he just. sucks.
  4. Never really liked Hardy tbh. Agree with D'Z. Not a good mic worker, matches are starting to follow a tight script, and plus, yeah, the guy hangs around Roode, Daniels, Aries, they're simply better.
  5. I've been thinking the exact same thing for a while now Rain. I think the music ruins him a bit for me, his WWE stuff was more up beat, his TNA theme and the way he comes out to it is a lot slower and almost heel-like. Also, he doesn't seem to do AS MANY spots as he used to, and I think that kinda takes away from his excitingness from a fan's perspective. He needs to be booked in more gimmick matches and just do a shit tonne of sick spots, cause that's the only reason people ever cheered for him IMO. Otherwise he's not really got much going for him.
  6. Dead on tbh. Hardy was over because of his spots. Without insane spots, which we are seeing fewer and fewer of (he will do 'big spots' in matches but nothing like the truly crazy shit he used to do. The one spot that stands out from 2012 was at LD obviously.) he is boring as fuck. He needs to up the number of ladder, cage, last man standing matches ect and start pulling out some crazy shit if he wants me to give a damn. Because right now they are just dialing in on his popularity from when he did that badass shit, and if he doesn't start doing it again more often more and more people will be giving less of a shit about him.
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  7. Yeah. Jeff was never a talented wrestler from a technical view. He was and is a spot monkey and when spot monkeys stop doing spots they will falter unless they can re invent themselves. Also big ups to the people sharing my opinion on Jeff being a uncharismatic.
  8. Even in normal matches, he can do more than what he's doing. His match with Orton at Royal Rumble '08 was a great example, he was suicide diving all over the place... but if he's doing the typical signature offense when facing Christopher Daniels, he just looks embarassingly outclassed.

    Everything above was dead-on. He's not charismatic, and this weird ass character isn't helping at all.
  9. Surprised we haven't had people come to his defense yet. I know there are Hardy marks on this site.
  10. Maybe this push of his has driven them away as well.
  11. No. I know for a fact that there are a few still on here.
  12. 2008/2009 was one of my off-periods in wrestling, so I might be off base here, but maybe Jeff being hugely over back then was because of who he was working with (i.e Triple H.) Triple H, for everything else people might say about him, is a legitimate main event star and legend. He even took a midcarder (not upper-midcarder, but midcarder) in Batista and got people cheering for him loudly within a couple of months.
  13. What a burial..:sad1:
  14. I understand the ratio behind his current reign, and he's doing fine in-ring work, but he NEEDED to drop it against the Ring General.
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  15. Was going to reply the same. Before he had the title and i only saw him once a month or maybe twice, i was pumped to see him. Seeing this stale run week in and week out being run with Roode and Aries just makes it so obvious he doesn't belong.

    Wasnt a huge hardy mark, just like to see one of my favorite wrestlers as a kid every once in a while.
  16. My opinion, its because tna has a smaller crowd then wwe, so they make him stuck in main events to increase the popularity of him/ get more fans to tna from wwe. Thats what i think.
  17. His age and limitations. He was used in WWE for doing crazy ass stuff, jumping off ladders, using weapons a lot, and being more extreme. People like that kind of stuff, and then they also got to know Jeff a little since he was open about the drug problem during his time in WWE and stuff. Now he doesn't do that, his body can't take that many stuff anymore, and he's expressive through his face paint and whatnot, but not by mic and whatnot. Jeff isn't a good wrestler, and not that entertaining with the extreme stuff. Also, being around tons of guys who are younger and have more talent them him, that's not helping him at all either.
  18. He needs to be kept on a tight leash, letting Jeff get too much freedom is a horrible aspect, same as Ken Anderson.
  19. Case in point Jeff's short ROH run. He came out in a helmet and cape. Booed out of the building.
  20. Fuck you Hardy is my favourite chant ever.
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