Why is there Women's Day?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by CM Punk, Mar 8, 2014.

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  1. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not sexist or anything. I support feminism and what not.

    But why is there Women's day? It's like literally the most useless day I've heard of.
    Like, what the fuck are you supposed to do? "YEAH, WE'RE WOMEN! WOOHOO! LETS DROWN OURSELVES IN CHOCOLATE AND TALK ABOUT BOYS!"

    Like, no. It's 2014, we are ALL equals. (At least we're trying.) Why should there be one single day on a calendar to recognize women's independence? It's outrageous actually. The more we try to become equals, the more diverted we become. It's not really this, but these kinds of stuff diverts ourselves from others. Men, Women, Gays, Religion, Skin Tone, etc.

    Black History Month, LGBT Communities, etc.

    Now I can understand some of them. The gay thing is pretty bad in other countries and I honestly don't understand black history month. (No offense to any black people.)

    But women's day? I dunno. I don't get it. You guys weren't treated equally as men and now that you are, we have to have a day to symbolize that? lol, f that.
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  2. it's just so they can feel like they actually matter for one day
  3. I feel as if the name "Women's Day" provokes several "actions" out of men.
  4. Good old Wikipedia says that its a International Holiday that could represent different things in different regions. One of these regions consisted of the USSR which, surprisingly, held a non-working day for all the women that contributed in the defense of the Fatherland during the Great Patriotic War. :gusta:
  5. No comment really. It sounds useless now and very discriminative.
  6. :shock: Careful. They'll hear you and murder your face.
  7. I'm just not feeling Women's Day. It's like they're patting themselves on their back for doing absolutely nothing. I highly doubt they're going back and remembering all the hardship the women had to go through nearly a hundred years ago. Not buying it.

    It just feels like some idiot is creating days to celebrate shit that shouldn't even be celebrated.

    Family Day - Spend time with your family.

    What in the fuck? If you aren't spending time with your family any other day, that's your issue. We shouldn't have one day symbolically linked to spending time with your family.
  8. This isn't meant to offend you man, but you can't let little shit bother you like this. If you let things bother you to a degree such as this, you're going to blow a gasket friend.
  9. Just cause you say no offense, doesn't mean it isn't offensive.
    In all seriousness, no offense taken. It doesn't bother me. I just wanted to start an argument with someone who disagreed with my opinion. No avail. :sad1:

    The issue is more of, "I don't understand it" rather than it being a bothersome.
  10. It's more of celebration and reminder. It's celebrating how far we have come because it wasn't long ago where women couldn't even vote, let alone compete in the same job markets as males. It's also a reminder that there is more to come. The world isn't free from sexism, racism, discrimination, etc., and these holidays just promote equality. I don't think we should be compelled to do anything on said days, but to have a day named after the stride humanity made isn't something that annoys me.
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  11. Oh, that’s typical. Women get a day and oh my god them useless bitches how dare they. I knew there’d be a thread like this, lol.

    Seriously, though, why is this even an issue? I don’t get it. First of all, equality isn’t about pretending we’re all the same, it’s about respecting our differences. By that reasoning there’s no harm in a women’s day, or a black day, or a gay day, or any other day. We should be proud of our differences. The only real problem is people who have a problem with it.

    You say this Women’s Day thing is promoting discrimination, but it’s only doing that because you’re making a thread about it. But if people could shut the fuck up and stop nitpicking about every little fucking thing – hey, no more discrimination. You know what I’m saying? It’s not like women’s day means we get the day off while everyone else does double shifts. It’s absolutely meaningless. What is there to complain about? Do you feel left out? Do you want a White Male Day or something?

    Ah whatever. Arguing gender politics on the internet in a male environment is less fun than beating your head against a wall. I hope you’re happy, you just ruined my women’s day thank you very much.:finger:
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  12. It's a stupid thing and who ever promotes it is just as stupid why isn't there Man's day or Transgender Day? i get why they think that might be a good idea but there absolutely no need for it. Anything trying to promote such a broad idea is idiotic. Women's day should be everyday as in we should respect women everyday same goes to Men's and Transgender's day....
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  13. This guy gets me.
    Good point and bad point. Hard to explain.
    Hey, you have 364 other days to celebrate being a women. You know, because one day shouldn't symbolize the importance of a women's independence. Unless this EXACT DATE is the day where they passed a law which allowed women to vote, then I have no reason to complain.

    Useless post.

    More debating please. I'm enjoying this.
  14. You say you enjoy debating, but you said I had a good point and bad point, and haven't told me my bad point. Furthermore, to elaborate on your original post, you claim that men and women are equal, yet males still get significantly higher pay in the same jobs than women in a lot of markets. We're not quite at equality yet, but we're getting there, and that is why you celebrate the successes we've made with sexism in the past.
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  15. if we want to accept equality how is a women's day equality? How's men getting higher pay quality? There is none. This day tries to make it sound like there is, get women exact equal rights and then we can talk dedicating days...
  16. I love how you only show up when people are attacking women. (Well, I only see you in these types of threads)
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  17. Do we a have a LGBT day?
  18. Equal pay is an issue, but I think them being able to even have jobs in those markets and VOTE for who runs the countries are very big strides from where we were years ago. I really don't see the issue with celebrating that. For example, racism still exists, but there's black history month and stuff to show how far we have come. People seem to think the days of sexism, racism, and all of that, are millions of years ago, but they're really not. It's important to remind the younger generation of how far we have come, and how far we need to go, to eradicate anything like that.
  19. I dunno, is there? I'm not sure what point you're getting at or whether it's a genuine question.
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