Hell in a Cell Why is this Three Stages of Hell match happening? (Dirtsheet bs)

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, May 31, 2013.

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  1. -wrestlinginc quoting Melzer (meltzer?), sorry if already posted or wrong section or whatever

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  2. When your mind can't handle the stupid you get a new mind.
  3. Classic Meltzer

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  4. I don't really like the idea tbh, I don't know why would Vince say it would be epic, it's Cena and Ryback in a match, they fucked up Ryback's character and Cena... Well, he's Cena
  5. :dafuq: So they're basically saying the match is only being done in such a way to let Cena do something "epic," then afterward they go back to, "WTF do we do with Cena now?"
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  6. The should do the lumber jack match with ONLY The Shield outside the ring, not 20 jobbers.
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  7. I really don't believe this because of the wording, but certainly believe they don't have a plan. Look at it, who will Cena feud with after he runs through Ryback? Punk yet again? Lesnar again? Heel Orton yet again? Sheamus? Swagger? Will he feud with Ambrose in a title unification match? Will they rush Axel or Wyatt up to the main event of Summerslam?

    As for his epic moment, this is shaping up to be epically bad. Does that count?
  8. Hey let me know when you watch WWE for the first time, id love to be a part of that experience for you.
  9. Wouldn't it be more logical if their intention was to give Ryback a memorable point in his career? Cena's the veteran here with plenty of moments to pick from already... I mean, he just beat The Rock for fuck's sake.

    In my opinion, they do so many hardcore matches these days that it's hard for a match like this to even stand out as memorable in the long (or maybe even short) run. Diesel jackknifing Bret Hart through the table at Survivor Series 1995 was a big moment, being the first table spot in modern day WWF at the time. Michaels hanging off the cell before dropping off and going through the table below at Bad Blood 1997 (first ever HIAC match) was memorable because spots like that were rare in WWF at the time as well. I doubt anything they do in this match (entertaining as it's sure to be) will be all that memorable either... Not unless they run one another over at full speed with the ambulance or something (even then, Cena will just no sell it and retain the WWE Title, then laugh off the injury the next night on Raw.)
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  10. I want to know how they plan to get rid of the Lumberjacks? It'll be so awkward... "Right, match One over...now all go and piss off backstage."
  11. They should make Cena leader of the nWo Rainbow for something memorable.
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  12. Oh my God every time I think that they can't get anymore stupid, they just never fail to amaze me.:facepalm1::facepalm1::facepalm1:
    I just can't believe that they are building for a match with a historical gimmick between the face of the company and the supposed future face of the company for the sole reason of giving an "epic" moment to the man who is already a record 11 times WWE Champion! :facepalm1:
    Does Cena even need this "epic" moment?!! :facepalm1:
  13. Cena needs this push more than anyone, the kid is the future. Listen to the crowd going wild when he comes out, especially that crucial 18-35 y/old male demographic.
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  14. Ambulance Car + John Cena + Controversy = The fake death of John Cena
    Ryback holds the title and we suffer with his mic skills every week. He goes and interrupts the funeral of John Cena to find the casket empty and John Cena attacks him from behind! Summerslam: John Cena vs. Ryback in a Casket Match!
  15. Na bro Cena can't die the kids will cry. Ryback being the GOAT mic worker, second best in the company by some posters logic will have to have 90+ minute segments every week.
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  16. When they run out of matches for him to do they'll have him save Vince McMahon from Al Qaeda with his unrelenting anger for people kidnapping the man he loves. The boss will of course be Mohammad Hassan (who'll be released shortly after) and this'll take place during Tribute to the Troops. :kiss:
  17. I think the Raw after Payback (when Cena defeats Ryback) have it where the ambulance goes off and it pulls up again and Cena gets out of the ring and checks the ambulance. ONLY TO REVEAL SCOTT FUCKING STEINER! Steiner knocks out Cena and Ryder wins the match by Countout. Ryback & Steiner become a tag team. WHAT!
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  18. Ryback in one match is OK. Ryback in two matches is bad. Ryback in three matches makes Cena look like a god because Ryback half the time looks lost in the middle of his matches. Ryback is going to look like pure shit, hopefully i'm wrong, but doubtful.
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  19. That's probably their plan, make Cena look like Misawa by comparison.
  20. they should have saved this type of match for cena v punk to finally end there feud would be a good way to end it feels wasted using ryback as there feud ain't as big as cena u punk
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