Why is WWE holding back the Usos getting the tag titles?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Why is WWE holding back the Usos getting the tag titles? it doesnt make sense these two guys are young, talented and ready to be tag champions yet WWE builds them up then drops them at last minute its so wrong they should be tag champions
  2. Haha the Usos are gettin a big push right now! They will have the titles soon enough, if they just get handed em it wont mean shit.
  3. Isn't it obvious they're building it up to be a WM moment? Oh wait this is a BLFFL thread nothings obvious :jericho:These guys are looking to be longtime tag champs after that.
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  4. Because they're Samoans, and WWE is obviously racist.
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  5. The Brotherhood was the focal point of the tag team division after they beat Rollins/Reigns and got rehired... as soon as they lost their titles to NAO The Usos started being pushed to become #1 contender which they are now and to win the titles at WM30.. which they will do, I'm glad it took so long, it has helped Usos get over with the crowd going against the heel tag champs (NAO).. they definitely could not have taken the titles from The Brotherhood because if they did they would have been booed by the fans. Face don't win titles from face.
  6. Oh, you didn't know?

  7. I truly believe that Vince doesn't' understand a fucking thing they're saying at the top of he ramp during their tribal dance; thus, he doesn't push them.
  8. The real answer is that WWE didnt think they were over enough to take the titles from Shield NAO are just transitional champs
  9. As previously mentioned by other people dude it is likely they are priming the Uso's to pick up the huge WWE tag title win at WM30, I am very sure that the WWE is not holding the Uso brothers back...or they would not have had the title opportunity against NAO at EC
  10. Why isnt Natalya Divas champ? I mean AJ Lee is done and we need a fresh face in the division
  11. ... because I hate them. Their stupid little dance sucks d*** and their little "You say U...." bit is tired.
    F*** both of them. I hate it when people smile before, during and after they wrestle... stop smiling you dirtbags
  12. Obviously, it's because they're waiting for Paige to come up to the main roster so she can become Divas Champion.

    I mean, come on, @Aids Ryder. Jeez!

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  13. They are gonna win at 'Mania. I'm pretty sure we are gonna see a change of every title at 'Mania if you think about it.
  14. So, Usos - New Tag Champs
    Brie? - New Divas Champ
    Reigns - New US Champ
    Cesaro - New IC Champ

    I honestly don't see Batista beating Orton for the WHC at this point (doesn't mean they won't change my mind in the next few weeks). Unless Bryan somehow gets inserted into this situation, I don't see a new WHC coming out of Mania.

    Other than that, I can see it. I'm just not sure which of the Total Divas gets to become Divas Champion.

  15. I honestly think that Batista is gonna win so he is like FULL on heel.
    Cesaro vs. Swagger might happen so I could see anyone beating Langston
    I honestly could see Rollins taking advantage of Reigns & Ambrose's feud that they have going on. I don't think anyone would predict Rollins to win since he doesn't have any hate towards any of the members.
    AJ Lee is losing it to Eva Marie. FOR SURE.
    Usos are also definitely getting the tag titles. This is gonna be their big payoff.

    I imagine Michael Cole going "This was a amazing Wrasslemania, every title changed hands!"
  16. AJ Lee will lose it to Naomi... if she's back from injury by then... she was supposed to wrestle Naomi at EC but Aksana fucked her eye up pretty bad.
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