WrestleMania Why is WWE saying that Wrestlemania 29 will be in NYC (instead of New Jersey)?

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  1. So I watched Wrestlemania 28 on PPV this past Sunday. And before Rock-Cena, WWE presented a video package hyping Wrestlemania 29. This video package showed clips of the Wrestlemania 29 venue, Metlife Stadium. It also showed clips of the streets of Manhattan at night.

    Similarly, during the show, Michael Cole said something along the lines of "Next year, Wrestlemania 29 will come to New York City!"

    Well, Metlife Stadium is located in New Jersey, not New York City. I should know since I live 30 minutes from the stadium.

    For example, this year's No Way Out PPV will be emanating from New Jersey's Meadowlands Sports Complex, which houses Metlife Stadium. And WWE currently isn't saying that No Way Out will be taking place in NYC.

    Why can't WWE just say that Wrestlemania 29 will be talking place in New Jersey?

    Is WWE going to keep referring to NYC as the Wrestlemania 29 host city?

    I don't understand why NYC is getting all the spotlight for Wrestlemania 29, when the venue is in New Jersey. WWE is essentially lying to the fans regarding the show's actual location. It's like a slap in the face by WWE, treating New Jersey like crap. After all, the Wrestlemania 29 logo has "NY/NJ" in it.
  2. I think itz a marketing tool. NYC sounds so much better than New Jersey. Itz insane cuz a lot of rich people live in NJ. Either way, the sexier name getz the billing here.
  3. As Kia said, it's nothing more than a marketing ploy. It's the same reason the teams that play in Met Life stadium are called the New York Giants/Jets and not New Jersey.
  4. I never understand Americans. I know for a fact saying it's in New York won't attract more buys/appearances from UK residents.
  5. New York = Biggest Eastern America City

    Los Angeles = Biggest Western America City

    Needless to say, New York is more marketable than NJ here.
  6. They said in mets stadium from the start I knew it would be in nyc
  7. It to get more money off it!
  8. So it's 100% marketing? The buck stops with Vince McMahon's pockets?

    On the other hand, the NFL is saying the the 2014 SB will be taking place "at Metlife Stadium". Neither NJ nor NYC is getting a mention.
  9. Itz just like claiming Boston is in John Cena's hometown, when it clearly isn't
  10. NBA = Where amazing happens

    WWE= Where greatness happens

    Chicago = Where being the best in the world happens.


  11. Does it matter? The logo says NYNJ who cares?

    I don't know whether to fly in to Newark or JFK though.

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