Why isn't Cabana in WWE?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Guy has contacts there, the guy is extremely funny, he can portray a face role well, he has a great look, he is a fantastic wrestler, he has experience, he can travel, what's stopping them picking him up? He obviously wouldn't get the main event push or even a strong midcard push, but he's a better midcard talent than most of the WWE stars right now.
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  2. Scratch my head all the time pondering this. The best time to have brought him in was after the release of the Punk DVD. He was all over it and it was watched by wide audience. They dropped the ball there big time. Having Punk shit on him would've been a great way to get Punk cheap heat, and the matches would have been stellar, avoiding the quick over push of Ryback.
  3. I think they will eventually bring him in as a commentator honestly.
  4. I <3 you for posting this, just know it.

    Cabana is a great, entertaining wrestler. He's definitely talented and skilled enough to make it work. I hate that his time in WWE was so short-lived before. He's doing well on the indie circuit, but I'm sure he'd welcome a return to WWE.

    In addition to his wrestling, it's also good to take into account his work as a commentator for $5 Wrestling, and his weekly Art of Wrestling podcast which has gained such popularity. He excels across multiple platforms and just seems to gain more and more fans as people continue discovering him through one of those outlets. He's one of those guys that it's hard not to love, so he'd be a great face for the company and could bring some variety to the table. Plus as you said, he's a better midcard talent than so many others on their roster.

    I'll stop rambling now.
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  5. He's good across the board but nothing outstanding to make me want them to chase signing him tbh, he'd be Santino worthy in a week although Officer Cabana would be an interesting gimmick.
  6. He isn't great wrestler by any means lol.

    Entertaining, yes. Funny, sometimes.

    And are you SERIOUS about him having a great look? ROFLZ. Too much weight for his size and shit, his hair looks like bollocks.

    And when freakin CM Punk can't get you a contract, you know you're missing something.
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  7. Officer Cabana is great. Collecting all the horrible drugs from the juggalos and juggalettes. :haha: Anyway, for most of his (short) time in WWE he was Scotty Goldman, not Cabana, correct?
  8. He was never Cabana in the WWE. Maybe for a few weeks in OVW.
  9. Yeah he was Scotty.
  10. Yeah, I was thinking he debuted as Cabana in OVW / FCW but then was Goldman when he had his on air debut with Raw or SD. Thanks!
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