Why isn't there more storyline and drama etc. in WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by wrestlingphenom, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Storyline and drama seems to be one of the those top things that keeps People interested in WWE. I don't get it, a famous wrestler/hall of famer Road dogg is reportedly part of WWE's creative team, I thought that there would be more storyline n drama etc. considering that fact. For all those who don't know what the creative, they are part of WWE, who is involved with writing storylines. I can guess WWE wants to focus more on just wrestling, but they say they are more than wrestling, they are wrestling entertainment. Wrestling entertainment should have more storyline and drama etc, should not all just be wrestling matches, and wrestling promos/segments which unlike the matche's don't normally lead to anything special. I am not expecting storyline for every feud in WWE, but I would expect a company that calls it itself wrestling entertainment to actually include more storyline. Also, is WWE afraid of ruining the credibility of the cherished attitude era?, it should not. They have done a good job, like what about the unforgettable backstage moments, WWE just doesn't care at times, I am expecting creative to use their maximum potential, but as it appears. The vince McMahon-HHH is good but I hope that does not lead to earlier than expected retirement.

    This is a definitely a sign that they aren't using PG product to its maximum, there is a 3 hour raw, so I don't see why they can't use at least up to 5th or quarter of it for storyline, etc. . Why doesn't Creative take Ideas from fans, are they too arrogant?.

    Currently I am expecting a little more for current WWE's feuds especially Punk-lesnar feud and sandow-rhodes feud and also expecting more backstage entertainment. I am not saying that they should do it every raw and smackdown but at least quarter of the years eposides of both shows should include such stuff.
  2. Interesting, normally the internet has people complaining about how WWE has no wrestling and only soap opera. Nice to see someone saying the opposite. Road Dogg doesn't have that much say on the creative team at this point. I don't think the current writing is bad, it's actually been very very good, so I'm not really unsatisfied with the lack of anything creatively atm. Don't see your point on the AE though.
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