Why isnt Zeb going after Rusev on his immigration status?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Why isnt Zeb going after Rusev on his immigration status? Rusev is a bulgarian pretending to be russian and he isnt from America and I bet his papers are not up to order. Zeb should be going after him not messing about with Adam Rose. Ive already said Rusev is a one trick pony and hes not gonna be anything big. Zeb needs to hit him with some home truths
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  2. Because they are both in the EU ofc lol haha
  3. Because Rusev is currently in a push and is above Swagger in card status.... Rusev has already beaten enough jobbers he is moving up the ladder not down it.
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  4. Give it time you genius.
  5. Because Swagger is way too tall and would show Rusev up as a midget.
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  6. They are both heels and as previously said they are sitting at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of career progression.
  7. Zeb is probably too scared of Lana lol
  8. I am sure that he is on Zeb's radar. Zeb knows that Rusev is an evil foreigner, and when he's done being Rose's buzz killer he will put an end to Rusev and the ugly Russian LANA
  9. Because they're both heels, duh. I know Coulter and Heyman were too, but Cesaro still had babyface momentum behind him at the time, and besides which, Heyman and Coulter as bitter middle-aged/old men arguing and bickering with each other still provided enough entertainment value for people to enjoy watching it. Seeing Coulter and Lana go at it on the mic seems like a mismatch, and they're trying to get Rusev legitimate heat over this Russia>USA stuff. Going after an obnoxious pair of heels isn't the best way to get heat.
  10. Because Rusev would crrrrush zeb mwahahaha
  11. He should face Big E instead so we can pretend they are "big men"

    even WWE "powerhouses" are lame
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  12. Can't tell if serious or ridiculously sarcastic. lol

    Oh yeah, fuck Rusev, btw!
  13. Russia's not in the EU
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  14. Basically this, plus I mean he's busy jobbing out to someone who's gimmick is that he parties all the time.
  15. Ehh, face Swagger wouldn't work.
  16. What a bloody travesty... I feel bad for Swagger jobbing to that... thing.
  17. Jack Swagger is a lemon. Maybe if he stopped giving out blowjobs to homeless men, his career would take off.
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  18. They both are boring. I could listen to zeb talk for hours though.
  19. Zeb has finally tweeted about Rusev and Lana and they are now on his deportation list lol