Why John Cena dropped his thug gimmick

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Oct 12, 2016.

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  1. "To me, there was definitely some method behind it. Hip-hop certainly is in sync with the youth and every day that passes I grow less youthful, as much as I have tried to hold onto it. I knew that the platform really wouldn't be indicative of success. I knew [the PG format] would just drastically change the style and almost cripple the character so I was the one proactively who said 'no' and said 'I would like to take everything another way.'"

    Cena also discussed similarities with the Ernie the Elephant character, working for his success, leaving his "Never Give Up" armband in the ring at SummerSlam and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.


    I didn't really see much of his stuff from back then other than seeing recaps of it. I think he can be a very good heel though we all know, at this point, it will likely never happen. Also a side note is it is rumored though likely true, John will be taking time away from WWE to focus on season two of American Grit.
  2. John Cena died when he stop studying thuganomics!:shovel::fact:
  3. He became a fruity pebble :dawg:

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  4. Why choose to be a thug when you can choose to be a Superman? :supercena:
  6. One of the greatest of all time.
  7. He dropped the thug gimmick...because it was
    stupid and made him comparable to Vanilla Ice?
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