Why last nights ending to Sheamus/ADR was actually good.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. There was a lot of rage last night in the discussion thread because Sheamus won in the way he did -- dirty. I don't actually see how this is a bad thing and this is why. I doubt many people can deny this is the best feud in WWE at the moment, mainly because of the build. I'm not a Sheamus fan at all, I hate the guy -- despite my name, sig, etc -- and I'm not exactly the biggest mark for ADR though I do like him, but this is the feud I', enjoying the most. That's the power of a well built feud.

    We're all fed up with one month feuds for titles that mean nothing and then another feud comes along, we all wanted personal feuds. This feud is very personal now. Now as much as I hate Sheamus, they've done the right thing with his character recently, sort of. They've made him have that bit of badass "don't give a fuck about the rules" approach, which is a pleasant change from the other top faces like Cena and CM Punk of a month ago just being general smiling supermen. I only said "sort of" because Sheamus still hasn't tapped once to ADR's arm bar which he has locked in multiple times after cheap shot beat downs., that's annoying.

    Last nights finish was Sheamus cheating to win, he had to cheat to beat ADR. It was a bad ref call thus the feud continuing, isn't this a good thing? I guess for those who hate this feud, this will be bad, but I can't see many people hating it as the build has been fantastic and the match quality ain't too bad either.
  2. I got you. Even though I haven't been watching I got to agree ye build has been good. Well now my religious holiday ended so now I'll be back to watching raw with u homies
  3. I want to know what the haters of this feud think, as I just don't understand.
  4. I think ending the way it did was much better than it ending cleanly. cheating stops him from looking like super sheamus. i actually want the feud to continue.

    My mark out moment of the night was the flyng shoe. :dawg: :terry:
  5. I agree, it was an awesome finish. I, for one, never said I hated the feud, I just dislike Sheamus' and Del Rio's characters, or at least disliked until the past month or so. It was a good way to proceed the feud and not generic, I liked it.
  6. Still feels kind of bland to me. They both seem boring so it's hard to get excited. It was pretty funny though, it does give a good laugh to see Sheamus cheating, then being a tattle tail.
  7. I don't mind him winning dirty but it was a clusterfuck in the way they did it. A shoe shot then an Irish curse then he puts his foot on the rope. Just do it after a brogue kick.
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