Why not this Batista right now?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kassius HoHo, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. People are wondering why aren't we seeing this Batista? The problem with Batista right now with people not giving a shit about his run right now, is due to one people finding out he was returning in the dirt sheets. From here WWE had to make the news which screwed up any momentum he could of had. Imagine if Batista returned at the Rumble, and no one knew, and win it would people would of been as angry? Recently Batista is being hurt by his run right now from his fans due to, his lack of watching of the product he's done the past four years. He doesn't understand why are these fans chanting Bryan, look at me...look at him, no comparison. Right now I can't see WWE making Orton vs Batista for Mania, but right now he's walking on egg shells trying to find his niche on the roster.
  2. I doubt they only announced his return early as a result of the dirt sheets spoiling it (they technically weren't the first ones to spoil it anyway, it was an advertisement for a live event that Batista is scheduled to be at later this month.) His return after a four-year absence seems like the kind of thing they'd obviously hype up for weeks (as they did) to get a big rating on Raw and also to get more people excited for his appearance in the Royal Rumble. And considering people booed him heavily at the Rumble because they would have rather seen Daniel Bryan win it over a returning star in his mid-forties, having him show up spontaneously and unannounced wouldn't have made his Rumble victory any more acceptable.
  3. Just turn him heel least fans could boo him for the right reasons. Plus as everyone mentioned a million times over in the build to his return heel Batista>face Batista.
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