Why Orton missed Summerslam

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  2. :facepalm1: Congratulations on the movie I guess, but it goes to show you how much they enforce the policy. Such a stupid thing for a boring character.
  3. im not even going to pirate that movie :smug:

    isn't that what theyre doing with jericho though? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: put him in a storyline and then he vanishes
  4. Is he going to the papers again? They were a magical team last time, it gave me spine chills.
  5. :dafuq: why did he beat Del Rio clean on RAW then. :facepalm:
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  6. He didn't.
  7. That was a dirty win. Sheamus got involved and all it served was to enhance the Del Rio v Sheamus feud.
  8. :yay: Orton shooting a movie!

    :sad: Orton not getting a push.

    :upset: Orton's still a face.
  9. If he's going to be gone shooting a movie, what was the point of bringing him back, not place him in a feud, and then allow him to leave for a movie?

    What would have made more sense is keeping Orton off camera until the movie finished shooting and then repackaging him as a heel. Enough time would have passed that the audience would have accepted him as a heel. That way, he could have contributed while having some real character progression.
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  10. Because Randy is a relatively good draw. They want people on stage that draws asses into the seats.
  11. THIS!
  12. I don't remember the SD ratings being very high when Orton was champ... of course the show overall was really bad then too so it's hard to blame him.

    As for right now Jonathan's right, he shouldn't have beaten guys like ADR clean (he did on Smackdown a few weeks ago) if he wasn't going to do anything for a while, it makes no sense.
  13. When he was brought back (same time that he beat Del Rio clean) he wasn't slated to appear in the movie yet. Thus they planned to use him in the WHC scene.
  14. Oh, ok. Thanks for clearing that up!
  15. No worries. They infact dropped him from the title scene only a week or so ago, up until then they were on the fence with putting him in the match, knowing he had been slated for the movie.
  16. Well, makes sense to me if he didn't beat Del Rio and drew with Show when they were #1 contenders for no reason then. I can live without Orton for some more time. :gusta:
  17. I can live happily with NO Orton at all...
  18. youll make hanner mad
  19. So Randy Orton gets suspended for two months for failing another drug test and now hes leaving again to film a movie I dont even know why he still in WWE
  20. He's one of their top stars you pleb.
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