News Why Orton won Money in the Bank

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 17, 2013.

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  2. Out of nowhere?

    Sorry, had to be done.
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  3. Nice, at least I agree with their reasoning this time.
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  4. Out of the 6 in the all stars MITB Bryan and Orton were the only two I could see winning. Now I am not Orton's number one fan but I'm alright with the route the 'E took.
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    Lmfao Just found out why Tatsu has been jobbing. RR 2014 Winner guys..
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  6. It's a nice reason. No one expected Orton to win

  7. FAIL ... the more the 'E' gives out these lame reasons the more I think they are joking.... the real reason is because the guy has a 10 year deal and they want to break the mule for all its worth.

    I say have Danielson win the title... Orton cash fact give the dude a new look... grow his hair out give him glasses for all I care... he closed the MITB so make the cat interestng
  8. Agreed. Orton has been in no man's land for so long now, and with the huge contract he has, they had to do something. The thing is though, isn't Orton a proven draw as a heel? Perhaps they're planning his heel turn to be on Bryan after he takes it off Cena. I can't see them going from face Cena to face Orton, or face Bryan to face Orton.

  9. Basically, logic 101
  10. I wasn't surprised that Orton won. Orton was one of the superstars that I saw winning the briefcase. He's over with the fans (he seems to get a huge pop from the crowd no matter where he is) even though they had him losing quite a bit. I'm sure Orton will be just as successful once he has his heel turn since I figure he will at Summerslam.
  11. This reasoning is what I liked about the results of both MITB matches. Bryan and Ambrose seemed like the obvious picks to me (though the WHC MITB match in general was hard to predict) but was pleasantly surprised they went with Randy Orton and Damien Sandow.
  12. Not a bad thought at all. It's kind of like what they did with Bryan which has helped make him so loved and what they don't do with Sheamus to make him so rejected.
    But just doing it because "it's a shocking moment" is stupid. Hopefully they have more of a plan than that, given that they clearly didn't with the last few doesn't make me that optimistic.
    Then again Triple H's booking (or more specifically, less Vince) is going great right now. So lets wait and see on that... Oh, right, on topic.
    Yeah, it was shocking, going into the PPV I didn't see it as a possibility, but couldn't really make an argument against it. Perfect setup.
  13. Hopefully they use it on Daniel. I wouldn't mind it if Daniel beat Cena, then Orton cashed in on Daniel. Daniel and Orton work great together, and if Orton is a heel, then it'll be even better. I just can't bear the thought of Cena/Orton again.
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  14. I have no issue with Orton has a face per se, but he he's sort of topped out.

    Nothing grinds my gears quite like the 'respect pop' ....Triple H gets them, Edge got them Rocky got them and now Randy Orton is getting them

    Even Benoit was getting right before he snapped and went WM20 on his loved ones

    Respect pops are worthless especially if the talent receiving it isn't innovative enough to warrant the adulation.
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  15. Honestly, I love Orton/Cena feuds. I find them entertaining, and those feuds produced great matches.
  16. Randy shouldnt of won MITB hes not been in the main event scene for ages and really WWE should be focusing on turning him heel
  17. Wasn't this obvious? I mean, Bryan is one of the hottest commodities in the company already and what the MITB briefcase does is help someone become relevant (again). It's not like Bryan can't win the title now that he doesn't have the briefcase. They could still go with a Bryan(c)/Orton or Orton(c)/Bryan feud, you know. Orton has just been here for the past two years doing nothing after his feud with Christian. I understand that Orton winning MITB instead of Bryan and Bryan doesn't even get a title shot should be unpopular, but that's another thing. Bryan gets his title shot anyway and a few people are still furious. Orton doesn't even have to cash it right away if it's the Cena/Bryan feud you want so bad (I do too though). Although it might happen, try not to be too cynical. Seriously. At least Bryan is having his title shot.

    Hey, at least Sheamus didn't win it.
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