Why Percy Watson was released

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. If this is why he was released then I agree with the decision. If you're not willing to put in the practices/training to earn your keep then you should be released. Wrestling is a competitive business and guys who ain't putting in enough work will eventually fall behind.

  2. Only saw a few matches of his and apart from being athletic he never really done anything to warrant a roster space. Instead of having a bad attitude he should of seen that as a wake up call and try and get motivated to get better.
  3. Percy? Y U NO PRACTICE!?
  4. was going to pull it out, but you beat me to it. Damn you!
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  5. You can still pull it out :ksi:
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  6. id rather just whip it.

  7. ?
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  8. Sorry, that song wasnt around when i was young, what about you? Old man.

    Devo was Senhor's senior quote in high school. "whip it good there eh?"

  9. Nah man, it was "Where's the beef?"
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  10. I liked him when I saw him on the original NXT, shame
  11. Suppose he was frustrated by being taken off the road. Well, not much to complain about for me, I liked him but besides being alright in the ring he didn't really offer much.
  12. He was terrible either way if I remember rightly.
  13. His one upside was being able to do a standing drop kick and land on his feet. Other than that he was shit.
  14. They fucked up when they turned him generic. I remember he was loved when he had that flamboyant gimmick in NXT season 2
  15. Was a fan of his tbh..

    But he digged his own grave with this stuff.
  16. Saw a lot of MVP in him, he had so much charisma and could have gotten quite over on the main roster. Shame that his ringwork never got better at all. This report's no surprise.
  17. He had charisma? I know this will sound condensing but it's not intended that way I'm just genuinely interested where he showed charisma bar his koolaid guy impression.
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  18. Condescending's different with a typical Seabs joke haha. Charisma's probably the wrong word, the whole character seemed like it would get over really well with the kids as a mid-card act. For us? Nah.
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  19. Honestly, if you're looking at an under-carder who works hard, look no further than Titus O'Neil. Percy should have taken notes.
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