Why Ryback is going to be a Champion

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  1. I must say, 2 squash matches in, I am very impressed with this guy. There are a few things that stuck with me though while observing his matches.

    -First, hes playing a face. This is the first time in a long time I've seen a monster face debut (a serious one, not Funkus Clay) since Brock Lesnar.

    -That arm gesture he does before and after each match? Simple and effective crowd participation, kind of like.... 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' I could picture the entire crowd waving their arms like push button action figures.

    -We saw from NXT and New Nexus, that while he may not be the best, he can hold his own on the mic. There's always room for improvement down the road. It is possible to become a top talker if you don't possess instant natural ability. Just look how Cody Rhodes went from generic Dusty copy to a master on the mic. I think Ryback can do a lot with his old OVW gimmick and can't wait to see where it goes.

    -Obvious physique. Always a plus. I think his size will propel him past Superstars show and into the IC title scene with Big Show at least. Who knows, Tensai is a heel, maybe some cross brand warfare.

    My last two points were kind of generic, and could apply to anyone really. The main reasoning for my belief though is the monster face angle. It is reminiscent of Lesnar and Goldberg. If history repeats itself, Ryback is destined to be a top contender.
  2. Not a pipe bomb. :pity:
  3. Agreed with all the points, but you didn't add in how agile he is for a big guy :emoji_slight_smile:.
  4. Agree with the points, aswell. He's a big guy, he seems to be a face and has got a great moveset. He also reminds me of Lesnar/Goldberg.


    Agree with the points, aswell. He's a big guy, he seems to be a face and has got a great moveset. He also reminds me of Lesnar/Goldberg.
  5. Agree with all the points guy is going to be epic.
  6. Ryback is going to be the next big thing.
  7. He's simply Goldberg 2.0..
  8. Which is no bad thing.
  9. No he won't. He's more entertaining than Goldberg IMO. Go Ryback! He wrestled a dark match I saw and he got the crowd pretty hot with Mcgillicuty
  10. He's got potential just needs to change his attire, the singlet doesn't work imo.
  11. It reminds me of RVD, so it turns me on a little..
  12. Not sure how I'm supposed to respond to it turning you on but it does look like RVD's I'll give you that.
  13. Lol I got you there. :laugh:
    It's kinda refreshing, everyone is in trunks these days. Even the small guys.
    I'll probably never wear trunks in a ring, just doesn't feel right.
  14. I agree with Jose we need more unique attires as trunks is a bit garbage sometimes.
  15. Hunico is the ring attire boss atm.
  16. Hell yeah looks proper like a mexican gangster haha. Such cool attire.
  17. Indeed, the pants is awesome. But all the guys in WWE almost seem to have the same 'kind' of attire style. Just a bit corny imo.
  18. I hate the whole topless and trunks thing they have going they need to change it up a bit cause it's just stale.

    Even simple things like more customisation on knee pads and elbow pads and boots make a big difference.

    But we defo need less trunks.
  19. [​IMG]
    ^This was a badass attire. Don't know if we ever will se something like that.
    Like, how do you come up with something like that right?
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