Why Ryback?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. I still can't get over how pathetic it was to follow the amazing DB/Cesaro match with fucking Ryback.

    -nobody likes Ryback
    -he sucks at wrestling
    -he sucked the life out of that Raw ending

    and don't even get me started on Cena. Now we need ANOTHER match between those two fucks?

    maybe The Bellas being involved in that feud wouldn't be so bad after all... Ryback.. :silva:

    Everyone talks about how amazing the ME was, and Cesaro/DB was amazing, but the Ryback bs still left a bad taste in my mouth.
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  2. Jericho potentially wasted his last PPV match with him :upset:
  3. he should leave wwe for some times.:jericho:
  4. Yeah that sucked. Guess WWE wanted to make the last match seem really tough. He wins two tough HQ matches, so they put him up against the beast. Who else could it have been?
  5. Big Show, Wyatt Fam beat down, idk? Anyone but Rysuck

    or if you HAVE to use Ryback, make it a 90 second squash with Bryan making him tap. IT's not burying him anymore than verbally tapping against mIz did ffs
  6. Big Show was reportedly still injured, so couldn't appear last night. Wyatt family beat down? You serious? That'd be horrible unless it started a feud, but Bryan's already in the top feud.

    Any other ideas?
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  8. It needed match time, and it needed to sell Bryan as the guy who doesn't give up to the casuals. The guy who had to overcome 3 tough matches and still didn't lose. Ryback had to put him through a table to end the match; puts Bryan over well. A 90 second squash would have been horrible and you know it.
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  9. No, what happened was horrible and you know it. Stop bending over backward trying to defend that bullshit.
  10. But Bryan winning in 90 seconds sells it better? The match was boring, the Cena/Ryback stuff was boring, but it did its job. If the 90 second squash happened you'd have probably made another thread saying "OMG I UNDERSTAND THEY HATE RYBACK BUT WHAT WAS THE POINT?!!?".

    The segment was absolutely fine, it did its job considering the absolute lack of other wrestlers to do it wit. If Big E was free, I'd say him. Henry is face now so they can't use him. Big Show was injured. There was no other monster to go for, and I agree that pushing him over as the tough small guy to casuals is what will work.
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  11. You think I would have made a thread wondering why they are burying Ryback? No, I am far passed that point. Nothing they do could be more damaging than what he did against Miz. I am wondering why they are bothering to protect him with a DQ finish after that.

    If you are really going to keep harping until I come up with a better finish (which even if I came up with 10 you would just dismiss them and act like what happened was better) why not start with someone like Ryder or Santino, an over jobber, he beats them easily. Then start from that point with the Real American stuff and end on Bryan going over Cesaro. Simple and it ends on the show the high point (DB/Cesaro match) instead of a low point (Cena/fucking Ryback)

    GOing over Ryback does nothing because Ryback is a fuckign joke at this point and you know it.
  12. Kayfabe wise those two appearing as a legitimate threat is just not believable. It started off fine with those two. I think three matches was too much imo, but I'm glad he went over and ended RAW. They needed the shock factor, and don't pretend Cesaro/Swagger is. Regardless of how they've fucked with Ryback, he's still more kayfabe threatening than those two.

  13. He verbally tapped out to the biggest pussy on the roster. He has zero kayfabe credibility.
  14. Like the casuals really care about that.

    "WTF he's no threat! He verbally tapped out to Miz!? Put Cesaro in there, he's super super strong!" - When was Cesaro's last win? Ryback is still more credible and you know it bro. I agree that it fucking sucked but they went with the shock angle to get the casuals to support Bryan more, and that was the only way. Probably was tons of better ways to go about it, but I've yet to read one.
  15. Nothing they did could have ended the show on a more anticlimactic note than Ryback. I don't know any simpler terms to put it in. Had DB just stood in the ring for 10 minutes after beating Cesaro chanting 'Yes' it would have been an improvement.

    not to mention it set up a Ryback/Cena match to ME next week. Simply dreadful
  16. It's frustrating to watch because everywhere else it's looking like WWE's finally turned the corner. We're seeing guys like Bryan and Ziggler being pushed all the right ways for all the right reasons, getting some depth to their characters that most babyfaces don't and going the extra mile to please the internet fans, who then spread that to the casuals as the more hardcore fanbase are more likely to talk about/tweet/discuss the great characters and get the casuals behind them too. WWE's aware of what they're doing with these characters and the fans are acting accordingly.

    Then there's Ryback. WWE just seems blind to the fact that this guy is damaged like crazy. He's not "Beezlebub" or "Lucifer Incarnate" or whatever that stupid thing he said was, he's not a threat, he's not even a monster, he's not a loner anymore, he's not a tough guy, it's your stupid booking that's caused this so stop believing that we didn't see what you put on your own show.
  17. He's run through so many gimmicks in less than a year lmao.

    -Jobber squasher who wants crowd chants
    -Badass who didn't care about anyone
    -Butthurt pussy mad at John Cena
    -Pussy who is injured and scared to fight Miz
    -'smart' wrestler who outsmarts opponents
    -Bully who picks on people
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  18. I thought bringing out the Big Show as the last opponent would have been a better and surprising way of him returning to Raw (especially since he has a lot more credibility than Ryback at the moment) but meh. Funny how they advertise him for Raw and he mysteriously gets 'injured'? (I know they likely want him to return as a baby face but I prefer him as a heel.)

    Anyway, I get the logic of Ryback coming out last, making Bryan go through the strongest and most built guy yet to end his series of matches for the night. I'm surprised next week is a Tables match though, Cena already beat Ryback in one at Payback lol. It was said that the company was thinking about doing Ryback/Cena again at MITB because they wanted Cena to score a pin fall victory over Ryback at some point but they didn't go with that. Next week would have been the chance for that.

    If he remains getting involved in this feud, I get the feeling that Ryback could end up interfering and costing Cena the belt at Summerslam (similar to Edge costing Cena the belt at ONS 2006) and we'll get Cena/Ryback in a non-title feud post Summerslam while Bryan and Orton tangle with each other one on one. It could be there that Cena scores the pin fall victory over Ryback if the company really does still care about that, and then it all leads to a triple threat HIAC match between Bryan/Orton/Cena at the HIAC PPV, which would be awesome.

    At least we'd be guaranteed that Bryan would headline at least two PPVs as champion above Cena but I don't like interference of any kind leading to Bryan winning the title. These are all just predictions, though.
  19. I really am lost with where Ryback is going now is he being made to play a bully? my god Ryback totally sucks WWE have destroyed his character that was so over with the fans in the feed me more gimmick this is just car crash tv watching his character fail so much
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