Why seabs why?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Is Jeff your favourite superstar atm!??!?!

  2. His heel run was epic plus the song was too good. I can't help but mark for the junkie, it's a nostalgia thing.
    So basically it's nostalgia and some good music. He's fucked up alot but who hasn't? All idols are false.
  3. He's far from my favorite, but I am rooting for him and am enjoying his work in the latest comeback.

    Hardy/Angle in a cage at Lockdown is going to be fucking sweet
  4. Yeah Jeff I miss the ol guy he's not as entertaining in Impact matches when I see it.
  5. Why, Kevin, why?

    Btw, Angle/Hardy at Lockdown will be batshit crazy, probably spotfest with some career ending spots. And I'll enjoy it.
  6. Anyone else love his facepaint? Some say it's OTT, but I absolutely loved his entrance at Against All Odds. I prefer his heel runs, and can't help but mark for the guy I used to adore in WWE. BUT FAVOURITE? :emoji_wink:

    Sure everyone makes mistakes, but he's probably in double figures.

    As for Angle/Hardy, I can't wait for that.
  7. I strongly dislike Jeff Hardy, IRL and the wrestling character. He's nothing but a fuck-up, who was given too many chances in his career only because of charisma and his kids/women appeal. He's a barely solid wrestler, his presence doesn't scream "main event". He's not a credible champion. So, when he says at AAO "The odds are always against me.", what gives him that right? Like I already said, he was given way too many chances.
  8. Remember when everyone thought his belt was ugly?

    This guy is different... he randomly digs holes, only to fill them up again... who does that?

    Is he a junkie? He** yes... but who else?

    Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, River Phoenix, Janis Joplin... just to name a few
  9. Anyone got a link to his current song?
  10. It appears as if @[seabs] has turned heel.

    Run for your lives, everyone.

  11. It's just catchy like "Another".
  12. Jeff Hardy right now is about as charismatic as the french fries that Matt Hardy is probably eating.

    His heel turn was cool, but the Impact Zone is full of Face Hardy marks who can't stand to see him change.

  13. It's true I'm Crayo's corporate champion.

  14. I loved this.
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