News Why Slater is missing

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Dec 25, 2013.

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  1. Hope all is well with BAWS Slater.

    I also hope one of the other members takes the opportunity (albeit unfortunate) to step up and make something of this. Looking at you Drew Mac.
  2. Damn, who's gonna sing in the band now? :downer:
  3. Adam
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  4. Wait if RR is teaming with 3MB are they faces now?
  5. I think that was just for over the Christmas tour. I saw on Twitter where they played it up as 3MB recording a Christmas album and they needed RR for doing Feliz Navidad or something like that. Not sure on if RR will be with them on TV.
  6. Slater has looked pretty out of shape of late as well.. wonder if this personal problem contributed to that as well
  7. Wait speaking of, what the fuck happened to RVD? Did he split already?
  8. He had a 3 month contract.
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  9. Ah, just realized that. Didn't think it went by that fast. Damn, his matches were pretty solid in those few months.
  10. You can thank the majority of his opponents for that.
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  11. I only liked his match with Jericho. At least I got to see him live.
  12. Yeah, he's on a short-term deal. He said in an interview with Sam Roberts last month to "expect him back soon, but not too soon." Would be awesome if he made a surprise appearance in the Rumble.
  13. Agreed, that'd be pretty interesting. Always like having him around for those random matches. As long as it doesn't lead to main gold, I'm fine.
  14. I hope Slater comes back soon, he's the Greatest Jobber of All Time! Oh, and RVD needs to come back for those random epic matches. Have him wrestle Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, MITB and TLC.
  15. The only Slater I care about is AC.
  16. Slater jobs to Zack

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  17. I beg to differ, look at these moves!
  18. WEAK

    While he was doing faggy things Morris was nailing the hottest chick in school

  19. You mean Slaters sloppy seconds? :pity2:
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