Football Why Soccer Saturday > Anything

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Sep 16, 2012.

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  2. Need to start watching that show again, used to watch it every time I wasn't at a match. Keep on forgetting now.
  3. This is the GOAT scene from it:


    Kammy is SUCH a legend
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  4. Love Soccer Saturday.
  5. Hahahah this whole video = win

  6. Bought Stelling's recent book. Really enjoyable read, the guy's very witty.

    Did anyone see the one a few weeks ago where Kammy kept getting changed? So funny.
  7. Merson's hilarious aswell.
    Kammy is from Boro Crayo... We breed all legends.
    Did you see the Fulham-Middlesbrough game Crayo where Kammy didn't have a clue what was happening or when Stelling went on a rant on why Middlesbrough was a beautiful place.
    Love that show.
    "Fighting like Beavers" GOAT line ever.

    Edit- nvm just seen it on that vid.
  8. Haven't read his book, but I might buy it.
  9. LMAO yes. That was SO SO funny. There were like 3 separate segments and Jeff was just mocking Kammy haha.

    Merson's my 2nd favourite behind Kammy, amazing. Such an amazing show.
  10. He has a book, need to look for a PDF / epub of it.
  11. Lol same, just recently I loved a bit where Stelling said "So beautiful to se a man see light in other humans in such a dark cold world... What do you think about that Merse?" Merson just replied "I don't even know what that meant." LOL, I love it when they ask complicated questions to Merson, only show where you can see they are just having a laugh, love it.
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