Why (some) current WWE fans suck

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HeatherSays, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. Okay. This has been really bothering me for a long time so I am going to put it out there; some of the current WWE fans suck. They either have no idea of the inner workings of wrestling and think it is real, or they just have no common sense.

    Recently, the fans have not been doing what they should. They have not been reacting how they should. One of the recent situations in which this was an issue was with the original story line between Daniel Bryan and A.J. Daniel Byran was working hard, and doing a great job at being a heel. He was treating A.J. terribly and he was using her to advance his career. He even caused her to be kayfabe (and if you don't know what that is then your part of the problem) injured by one of his opponents (Big Show). Despite this, the crowd was behind him and cheered "Yes! Yes! Yes!" in response to everything he did. Most likely unsure of what else he could do to get over as a heel, he broke up with A.J. on live TV and blamed her for his championship title loss. Again, the crowd cheered "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and even sang "na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye" as A.J. walked out of the ring after being broken up. >>Video here<< I realize that the fans were making an attempt to show there support for Daniel Bryan, but if they had any idea about wrestling then they would have realized he was attempting to turn heel and that their cheering was actually disrespectful towards him by basically not allowing him to turn heel. Luckily, the WWE creative team is pretty good at spinning anything to work out and they fixed this issue, but the fans were not being respectful to Daniel Bryan's efforts.

    The second event that really made this issue with the fans hit home to me is the 4/9/12 edition of Raw, which featured the actors from The Three Stooges who were promoting their movie. >>Video here<< As you can see in the video, the fans are hardly reacting to their promo at all, and in fact can be heard changing "boring" at certain times. Now, put aside any feelings that the fans may have for the movie. The fact of the matter is that WWE brought in those actors for cross promotion (which is something they often do). This is a source of revenue for the WWE and part of what allows the WWE to put on the great shows it does. Do you think that movie promoters are going to want their stars going onto WWE when they may get a reaction like that? What the fans really are doing is embarrassing the WWE. The WWE brings these actors on their show to help promote their movie (and earn money to produce awesome shows) and the fans completely disrespect them. Furthermore, those actors were cutting a pretty good promo (if you ask me!) Will Sasso sounded just like Hulk Hogan! Yet, when he started to talk like Hogan, the crowd gave him no pop or response at all which caused him to momentarily be unsure if he should even continue the promo. Besides the fact that this hurts WWE revenue, and besides the fact that it is disrespectful to the WWE, its disrespectful to those actors. They came out to entertain the crowd and instead they were rewarded with a "boring" chant.

    The last example that I will mention here is how the fans react to some of the Hall of Fame and Blast from the Past superstars that come in from time to time. Although there are many examples in which the crowd is respectful to the Alumni superstars. (Here you can hear the Universe chanting "You still got it" for Bob Backlund in a recent Raw episode.) But many more times the crowd completely disrespects the superstars of the past when they come to make an appearance.Here you can see Wendi Richter (2 time Women's Champion and Hall of Famer) and Cindi Lauper (who was part of the WWE during the Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection in the 80's) coming out to do a promo for the WWE universe. Albeit, many of the fans may not have been alive the last time they were relevant in the WWE (myself included), but I still have respect for all that they did to get WWE to be where it is today. The Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection brought so much attention to the WWE from people who otherwise would never have given it the time of day and is one of the reasons it is what it is today. Despite this, during the promo the crowd can be heard chanting "We want Ryder". Now yes, I love Zack Ryder and I wish that he could get more air time, but that does not mean that we disrespect two Blast from the Past superstars who have nothing to do with Ryder.

    What it really comes down to is that the fans have no respect for the superstars, the WWE creative team and the WWE company. Yes, we the fans pay for our opportunity to be in the crowd live at the shows but we are still part of the show. The show does not look good if the superstars are trying to cut a promo and the crowd is not following along with them as they should be (whether the intended result is boo or cheers). The fans who have been watching for the long haul will forgive this because they will understand, but this hurts the ability of the WWE to gain new fans. Recently, I convinced my boyfriend (who has never been a fan of wrestling but has admittedly never given it a chance) that he should watch an episode with me. However, I have been reluctant to actually have him watch an episode because I don't want him to not understand it due to the crowd's reaction. When the fans do not react to a promo or match the way they should it makes those superstars look bad and it makes the show look like it is poorly written (which is not the case *most* of the time. I will admit that some of the stories that the WWE has done over the years are a bit over the top and embarrassing!)

    Now don't get me wrong, I think that the WWE fans should not always blindly go along with everything that the WWE does. Sometimes it is helpful for the fans to express their feelings about a certain story line or gimmick to let the WWE creative team and the superstars know it isn't working how it should. I certainly don't think that we the fans should just accept that a superstar has turned heel or face based on one statement or act, and if they do a poor job at it then we should push them to work harder to get over. I just don't feel that this has been the case in recent months. I feel that, especially in Daniel Bryan's case, he was doing MORE than enough to get over as a heel yet "his fans" just were not being respectful. And yes, when older superstars come out they may not be as good in the ring or as smooth on the mic as they once was, but we the fans should respect them for everything they did and accomplished in their prime days in the WWE. In any event, it is my opinion that if the WWE fans do not change their ways, it could potentially be harmful for the WWE and could destroy all that the fans claim to love.
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  2. I read it and will edit this post later with a reply, don't worry, you aren't being ignored.
  3. Well that's good to know. Although I don't blame the people who clicked this link, saw all that text and said forget this.
  4. :okay: lol
  5. In all honesty though, I did glance over it. The Three Stooges point I completely disagreed with. Good for those fans to boo those assholes who don't give a shit about WWE and were only there to whore out their awful movie. Why shouldn't the fans bury that awful segment that they so clearly don't give a damn about?
  6. In my honest opinion you're going to get so many different crowd reactions than the past because of the state of the product. Normally, DB treating AJ like a slave would result in DB getting hated and AJ getting loved. But it's not, there's so many pissed off male fans (who often influence crowd chants) chanting for Bryan because of how misused he is that others do too. Look at YES chants now, even casuals who should hate Bryan are chanting his catchphrase religiously.

    If things were booked perfectly and there wasn't this gross obsession with Vince's faces, then I'm sure things would be different. Saying that, the crowd has evolved from years ago. Why? The internet. Dolph Ziggler, Bryan, Punk etc all got insanely over due to the internet. That didn't happen years ago, you got over solely on WWE television. So all the fans who browse wrestling sites and go to live events, they will be chanting for the wrestlers who we (the IWC [internet wrestling community]) want to like and most of the time that's heels and indie wrestlers who have worked their asses off.

    As for booing movie promoters, GOOD. This is WWE, a wrestling company. Are we, as fans, supposed to give a damn if WWE want to make themselves more global and mainstream by bringing on so called "A list actors"? No. We do and will always boo the living crap out of them, those actors don't care about WWE, they only care about promoting their crap movies to get more money. You do know the stooges slagged off wrestling fans right? They said they were embarrassed to even be on RAW, which was a kick in the face to WWE.

    Lastly, legends are shoved down our throats all the time now. WWE is so caught up in its past and how good the product used to be that it keeps on bringing these legends and giving them good TV time. 15 minutes of legend time is 15 minutes you could spend developing and building feuds for talented wrestlers like Dolph Ziggler. Also, they have a right to disrespect WWE creative because most of them aren't smart enough to realise Vince himself is the biggest issue with WWE. All they know is that WWE storylines are sucking and creative are to blame.

    To summarise, fans should chant what they want. If they see some phony actor trying to promote his movie, boo the crap out of him. Tell WWE we want wrestling and not shitty movie promotions. If they see a heel who's more entertaining than the faces being shoved down our throats, then cheer the crap out of him. Little do they know that cheering them actually gets them over as a face and then they turn into the faces most of the fans hate. But yeah. By the way, this is an awesome thread and welcome to the forum. Ignore the users that are too lazy to read it.
  7. You touched on a nice subject, I agree on one points but I'm not quite sure about the others. First, the legends, I agree that they should always be cheered for being the ones who paved the way and such, it's disrespectful not to give a reaction to the legends, as in my opinion, just due to respect, they should pop for them. On the face reactions for a heel thing, that depends. When they're cheering for the guy, at least in Bryan's case, it means they like him and such. I understand the point on seeming not to respect his heel work, but the fans do this nowadays: their cheer entertaining heels. Ziggler always gets face pops (although I'll admit his booking resembles the one of a tweener) but he's a heel, and they're not the only case. As you said on the last paragraph, the fans don't follow blindly everything the WWE does and that is great.

    Remember, the worst reaction is not a cheer when you're a heel or a boo when you're a face, the worst reaction is the one when there's no reaction. If they're cheering DB, it means they really enjoy his work and are being entertained. I do think that this shouldn't always happen, if it only happened with smarky crowds and similar stuff it would be the best idea. But in my opinion it's not a bad thing, they're just voicing his opinion on that performer. About the celebrities though I disagree. I see your point, WWE's trying to make business with the people and such, but the fans (and me) just don't want to see that. I don't want to see the Three Stooges on Raw doing whatever they were. It may sound disrespectful and such, but it's wrestling. The fans paid to see wrestling, they paid to see Cena, Punk, Bryan, Orton, Show, Ziggler, not the Three Stooges being boring there. I'll give you that the guy playing Hogan was nice and he sold the Chokeslam better than Hulk himself, but it's just not what wrestling fans want to see.

    So I agree with you on legends, disagree on celebrities and on heels getting face pops I'm on the fence (it's not the ideal but it's not a problem as well in my view), but thsoe things are caused by so many factors. We're not on the 80s, where we had all those cartoony characters and such, there are many more people on the crowd aware of kayfabe and therefore cheering for heels. Wrestling evolves, it changes, the fans are also not the same all the time. Sometimes they don't cheer for legends because they don't know them, don't cheer for celebrities because they don't care and cheer for heels because they simply like them, it's a reflection of current society as well.
  8. Because those actors were there to help get revenue for the WWE. More money = better shows. It isn't like they are superstars and paid by the WWE to go out and preform a show for us. The WWE is getting money from the cross promotion but if having the actors on WWE actually hurts the movie then WWE is going to lose the chance to have actors come and promote things (and get more money).
  9. WWE doesn't need more money. If anything, they should be losing money so they actually do something about the product.
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  10. False. The actors are there to promote the movies. They're always movies that aren't mainstream so they see WWE as a way to boost viewership. They don't care about WWE.
  11. 1.) lol, more money does not = better shows. WWE is proof of this. And if this were true ROH would be awful, but it's not, it's great.
    2.) Good if they don't have actors coming in to promote their shit. GOOD.
    3.) WWE doesn't need more money. Vince McMahon probably wipes his ass on money.

  12. Remember, the worst reaction is not a cheer when you're a heel or a boo when you're a face, the worst reaction is the one when there's no reaction

    Yes. That is a great fact to remember.

    Sometimes they don't cheer for legends because they don't know them,
    It may be that we are just too separated from the legends to know them. As I said, I wasn't even alive when Rock 'n' Wrestling happened. And I'm 24! But because I am a fan I and have been for such a long time I do understand what it did for the company. But with so many young fans who probably don't even really know who Cindi Lauper is outside of wrestling then yeah, it would be hard for them to want to cheer her. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. What did he expect...? The crowd is filled with wrestling fans watching washed up actors come out of polystyrene boxes. It's like turning up at a UFC match and watching Barney the dinosaur, would the crowd boo? Damn straight. Also, the things he said about the product did not need to be said at all. He's mad that his film went to DVD cause' it sucks.

    Slater is the only good thing from all these legend returns. Most of the time the legends win. What is this teaching casual fans? I'll tell you, it's telling them the washed up 60 year old stars of the past are better than the current stars. Legends need to gtfo unless they're involved in big storylines. Bret Hart being the GM for example was pretty good.

    Really? Vince McMahon spending his last penny? He is the most money-grabbing SOB on the planet lmao. He will sacrifice a great product in return for his suit being lined with money. Sure, he was a genius and made WWF what it was, but the guy has lost his touch completely and needs to retire happily. He has no idea what makes a superstar in 2012.

    No, thank you :emoji_slight_smile:. This is a great discussion.
  14. This sounds awesome, someone call uncle Dana. UFC 151, Barney vs Chael Sonnen

  15. Also, the things he said about the product did not need to be said at all. He's mad that his film went to DVD cause' it sucks.
    I actually enjoyed the movie. But yeah, a lot of people didn't and it did tank and he is understandably upset for that. I think the problem with the movie (not that that is the point but whatever) is that people didn't like them replacing the Stooges but lets face it - the real ones are dead and not making any more movies so why not just enjoy it?

    Slater is the only good thing from all these legend returns. Most of the time the legends win. What is this teaching casual fans? I'll tell you, it's telling them the washed up 60 year old stars of the past are better than the current stars. Legends need to gtfo unless they're involved in big storylines. Bret Hart being the GM for example was pretty good.
    I think what it is telling the casual fan is that the WWE respects and honors those superstars who came before. And is it better for Heath to job to a hall of famer or some other current superstar?

    but the guy has lost his touch completely and needs to retire happily. He has no idea what makes a superstar in 2012. Yeah, he does need to retire. But I do think he tries to make the best product he can I just think that, as you said, he doesn't know what makes a superstar in 2012 and I think it is hard for him to grasp that. WWE is his baby. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: On that note, I thought that Johnny Ace was a really good replacement front man, better than HHH would be. And don't get me wrong, I like HHH but think back to all the crazy things Vince has done over the years as COO. I don't think HHH could believably be in some of those positions. They need to find someone who is tough enough to not be completely pushed around, but can be a weasel.


    On a completely different topic, could anyone tell me how I can add a signature because I can not for the life of me figure it out.
  16. I agree on the legends thing, I for example, started following WWE in 2007 or something and I know about most of the legends and mark for them, Bob Backlund being a prime example.
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  17. The fans at live events are mindless, brainwashed morons.
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  18. Will Sasso (Curly's) wiki.
    Sasso also does many celebrity impersonations, including impersonations of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Farley, Steven Seagal, Bill Clinton, Drew Carey, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Fred Durst, George W. Bush, James Gandolfini (as himself and Tony Soprano), James Lipton, Jesse Ventura, Kenny Rogers, Lance Bass, Louie Anderson, Paul Shaffer, Randy Newman, Richard Simmons, Robert De Niro, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Wayne Newton, William Frawley (as Fred Mertz from I Love Lucy), and William Shatner (as himself and as James T. Kirk). Why would he do impersonations of wrestlers if he didn't care a bit about wrestling? And if you keep going down, he has a whole section on his WIKI entitled Professional Wrestling.

    "Professional wrestling

    Sasso is a professional wrestling fan, and has made appearances with multiple American pro wrestling promotions.

    Sasso engaged in a worked shoot angle with former world champion wrestler Bret Hart, which began on February 6, 1999 during Hart's second guest appearance on MADtv. In a sketch lampooning the election of Jesse Ventura to gubernatorial office, Hart "broke character" and attacked the cast members for making light of wrestling, apparently injuring Sasso. He then appeared in a later episode at the curtain call during the ending credits and again attacked Sasso in an "unscripted" assault. Sasso then appeared at ringside during the February 8, 1999 episode of WCW Monday Nitro, where Hart again attacked him. Sasso retaliated by interfering in Hart's match against Roddy Piper, causing him to lose the match and the WCW United States Championship. This led to a grudge match on the February 15, 1999 episode of Nitro, where Sasso appeared with castmate Debra Wilson, who turned on Sasso, making it a one-sided match.

    Sasso's impersonation of Stone Cold Steve Austin impressed the WWF so much that they asked him to be part of the February 7, 2002 episode of WWF SmackDown!, appearing alongside Chris Jericho and Austin himself, as a means to promote Austin's upcoming "MADtv" appearance. Sasso also appeared in the audience at WrestleMania X8, and can clearly be seen in the front row during the match between Ric Flair and the Undertaker.

    On the live April 9, 2012 broadcast of WWE Raw, he appeared along with the other actors in The Three Stooges movie, alernating between Curly and Hulk Hogan impersonations. He was chokeslammed by Kane."
  19. Click 'User CP' on the top right portion of the screen and on the list of things on the left of the User CP click change signature.


    It wasn't that guy that was trashing WWE, it was this moron on the right. He came off like a complete tool on I think it was Conan

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