Why Sting never joined WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Meshuggah, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. Sure lots of you have seen this, if not here ya go, from his own mouth, sting explains why he didn't join WWE even though he was offered a contract! Also, why he wanted to fight the Undertaker of all people.

  2. It's a shame he never came to WWE, though the match with Undertaker could have only realistically been worth anything from 2004 onwards, not immediately after the WCW purchase. Sting only transformed into the Crow gimmick in late 1996 and unless he came in sometime in 1998 (just no) or 1999, then his and Taker's gimmicks (the Crow versus the Dead Man) would have only worked after Taker became the Phenom again in 2004.

    Sting coming in and jobbing to Undertaker (that sounds a bit negative) at Wrestlemania would be a good way to go out and cap off his legacy. The match would have happened in 2011 but Vince wanted him to work a full schedule (at fifty something years old!) so he didn't sign. It might have happened last year but there was a hiring freeze because of the lawsuit TNA filed so we got the crap feud with Punk instead.
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