Why Taker is wearing the robe

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Mar 6, 2013.

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  2. Well, he also wouldn't have looked as awesome on Raw without the robe. Good luck losing that much weight in just over a month, though.
  3. The beauty of Lypo. Or Enter stage right for DDP.
  4. Wonder if its fire resistant after that incident a couple of years back.
  5. I did lose 20 pounds in December, but I'm also still in my teens so that probably helped a lot.

    I hope he does lose the weight though & puts on a god-tier match with Punk.
  6. Fat ass Taker shoulda sat out this year
  7. Jake the snake lost 10-15 lbs in a month back when he started with DDP. Send Taker to Atlanta.
  8. I'm sure Taker isn't really eating well either. He could probably do Keto for a month & not have to overexert himself working out.

    I can only imagine how crazy it would be for Louie to be living with Jake, Scott, & Taker lmfao.
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  9. Very good, I hope he can lose all his weight and wrestle a great match vs Punk at WM.
  10. What does :steiner: have to say about this?

  11. All of this HOF talk, why the hell isn't Scott Steiner inducted yet?
  12. Nonetheless, it was a sick robe.
  13. Vince doesn't have the balls to give him an open mic.
  14. It won't be hard for him at all to be honest. It would be weird seeing Taker come out all porky though; sort of ruins the aura in a way.

    I completely dug the robe though.
  15. It would be the greatest acceptance speech of all time. Steiner on a mic = ratings.
  16. Steiner has no business in the WWE HOF. His wwe run after the buy out was cringeworthy
  17. Their HOF has nothing to do with a WWE run. Inoki, Stu Hart, and Abdullah the Butcher are in it, and they were never in WWE.
  18. Shut up shithead

    That comma after Stu Hart: TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. Ha. So fuck your mother Mr smarty pants nikka
  19. WTF is nikka? Also, I'll, place, a comma, where, ever, I want,,,,,,,,,,
  20. Canadian grammar logic
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