Why The Bellas Weren't on the European Tour

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by airbourne908, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. The Bellas were in New York City last night, taking part in the E! upfront presentation promoting the cable network's new summer series. Obviously, they were there as part of the promotional push for WWE reality series "Total Diva" which will debut on 7/28.

    Source: www.PWInsider.com

    Well, at least I know what the name of the show is now.
  2. Makes sense, but I'd still like to know what that show is about.
  3. Think it will basically look into the life of various divas. Apart from that I have no clue.

    OP - Style the threads correctly.
  4. It's on E! which means no chance for nudity :sad1:
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  5. Sounds like something worthy of ignoring from now on.
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  6. I agree there. Sort of like a worse 'The only way is Essex' haha.

    So yeah, pretty useless.
  7. They were at the European tour. At DB and cena locker rooms :ksi:
  8. Darn, thats why they weren't in Nottingham D:
  9. Neither bikini pictures? I could watch the show but I prefer good TV tbh
  10. Wait! no! Come back!!!! Darn, the fuck I was gonna give just ran away. Oh well.
  11. Oh well I guess.
  12. I'm guessing Daniel Bryan will probably be in the Bella's show from time to time. Which means the show won't be a total bust. :yay: :bitw:
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