"Why the BFG tournament is a joke"

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  1. Came across this, and found it interesting. He makes some good points.

  2. Was logging on to post this except without the video. Some nice points in there, nice share. Totally agree on Hogan but he has to be huge for live attendance. Only reason to justify him being there.

    The whole thing with the tourney being invalidated: Look at Joseph Park. He was sitting at -10, he jobbed a bunch of times, beat Hernandez (-3), won the 20 point street fight (17), and if he won the battle royal he'd be in the final 4. BULL. SHIT. This isn't an IWC complaint, people understand these things. It felt like it didn't get nearly enough focus with the MMA and Faction War crap nobody cares about being the complete focus, Magnus should get a big rub from leading but I can't remember what he did + there wasn't enough focus on it to make it feel like a big deal.

    Another problem that popped up was that there wasn't enough focus on the characters involved. People have been bitching about Aries and Roode and AJ not getting enough focus, well in the BFG Series their characters couldn't progress the way they arguably should have and they couldn't be in feuds. If the rest of the show was good around them (like the Aries/Roode feud that got everyone buzzing) that wouldn't be a problem. This year all you had to look forward to was a Mickie James promo, hopefully with lots of cleavage.

    I thought the series was phenomenal last year, this is like the usually crappy time after Wrestlemania when Creative needs to recharge their batteries, but here you get an easy-to-book tournament with 60+ free matches that all mean something and can be treated as a big deal. It's the best concept I've seen in years except maybe Option C. Definitely keep it going, but... is it that hard to plan something out even a little? This was a disaster.
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  3. The Series was a mess this year, but the tournament isn't a joke by the concept itself.

    However, this guy speaking in the video is because he's ignorant on lots of parts. He doesn't even know that DQ loss costs you 10 pts, and that DQ win brings you 3 pts, not 2. And that's just one part of him being ignorant.

    And everyone except Magnus had 6 singles matches + Hardcore Justice matches + 12 Man Gauntlet, that is same opportunities for the same amount of points. Dude who made the video is wrong there as well.

    Not impressed by this clown.
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  4. The guy reminds me of the people who used to bitch about King of the Ring in WWE (back when it was an annual thing). They'd always bitch about that year's KotR and declare it a flop/a joke/etc. What they missed (and what this guy's missing, too) is that the concept is sound. The BFG series is an awesome way to build main event stars, develop young talent, keep guys involved, and create feuds. The 2013 BFG Series was terrible, but that doesn't change the fact that the concept works (the 2012 BFG series, for example, was solid).

    The execution of TNA Creative (I don't even know if they're actually called "Creative" or "the Booking Committee" or "Vince Russo" or what these days) was not strong in the 2013 BFG series. What's entertained me lately is that TNA's booking/writing seemed to get weaker at the exact time that WWE's started getting better. This sort of thing makes me giggle.

    But then, I'm a weird guy.

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  5. You did your research, brother. Good job, but if you didn't do it you wouldn't know this. TNA should have brought it up.

    Alright you're right there. That was dumb, haha.

    Downloaded one of these guy's podcasts a couple of weeks ago and loaded it onto my MP3 player. Haven't listened to it and aren't planning to, but looked under "albums" and was pleasantly surprised to see "Brooke Hogan Fired"... I'm keeping it on there just to see that and smile.
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