Why the fuck does Ryback get another title shot???

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. Why the fuck does Ryback get another title shot at TLC PPV??? he doesnt deserve it, he hasent earnt it, theres talent on the roster who deserve it more. Ryback is so overrated get him off my tv screen. He nothing more than a Goldberg/RVD wannabe and also hes on steroids. Ryback CANT win the title. CM Punk will retain once again at TLC cos hes the best in the world
  2. I know, I was gonna make a thread of my own. He lost three consecutive PPV's in a row. :GTFO: my TV you overrated son of a bitch.
  3. Oh Kayfabe. You are a cruel mistress
  4. This isn't really kayfabe, she is saying he doesn't deserve it.
  5. yeah ... ryback again .... pointless
  6. Have you not seen Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio happening for like 5 or 6 PPVs in a row?
  7. It would be kayfabe silly not to give Ryback another title match considering how many times he's been screwed. However, the more he gets screwed and loses the less powerful and mighty he will seem to the casuals. There is no way Ryback is winning at TLC and you can almost 100% guarantee a Shield interference.
  8. Because they have no one else to book until the rock wins the title since they book bryan like a joke.
  9. I'd rather see Foley Vs. Punk.
  10. Foley can't wrestle any more.
  11. And The Shield Vs Ryback in a Tables Match. Then the fucking "Feed Me Three!" would make sense.
  12. I know. :sad1:
  13. Right now Ryback is the only logical choice due to story lines with everyone else. It's looking like rumble is going to see something big against the rock though. It's going to be a good story being told up until mania. Can't wait.
  14. It also helps cement Ryback in the main event naturally. Better to have him challenge multiple times and thus proving that he belongs than winning a top title on his first try.
  15. Hahaha you don't think any other superstars are?

    Most of em are on steroids you clown
  16. I highly highly doubt he's on steroids. I know people Ryback's size irl who have never touched them. Ryback was a body builder, you don't think he needs to be pretty strong for that?
  17. THIS !!
  18. Ryback shouldnt even be in title matches he hasent paid his dues. Theres talent on the roster who have been there longer but never got a title shot
  19. You know Ryback has worked for the WWE for nearly ten years right? He's paid his dues.
  20. You're right, let's just have Cena vs Punk forever then. Be glad we are getting something different, he is a new star that has been loyal to the company and is over with the crowd. And he isn't an RVD wannabe, he just likes his attire. Ryback asked RVD for the guy who makes his attire anyway and gave him the okay. Just be patient, at least we are getting something different, not everything is perfect.
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