Why the hate on the Muppets for being on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by gzilla46, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. I noticed on Youtube there was a LOT of hate towards The Muppets for being on WWE Raw? I don't get why.

    I for one, LOVE the Muppets. Anyone that hates them is an idiot. I was very happy when I saw Kermit the Frog and his friends on Raw. So, what's the deal?

    I liked THIS part at the beginning.
  2. Cause it's childish and there's no need for them?
  3. I have no problem with the Muppets, but that doesn't mean they belong on Raw. There are lots of things/people I like that I don't want to see on Raw.
  4. I understand, but what was wrong with it?
  5. I have no care for the muppets, I don't hate or like them. They just shouldn't come on RAW for the sole purpose of advertising their movie, taking up 4-5 unfunny segments to fans who want to see wrestling, not muppets in the back interacting with superstars. It's really childish, unfunny and unrealistic. Why would heel Swagger start talking to a man holding a puppet? It just makes zero sense, let them advertise their movie else where.
  6. Muppets = super cute, drrr
  7. Like The Three Stooges?
  8. The Undertaker of threads has arrived
  9. You remember me?
  10. old thread is old @[Big Hoss Rambler] please close.
  11. Yeah and what Hoss?
  12. Opened (how mad are Hoss and Seabs)?

    Old threads are allowed to be bumped if it's value discussion like this. There is no time limit to discuss the muppets being mad at WWE fans. The whole guest hosts/WWE debate is a good one. Is it good exposure for the WWE or is it an insult to WWE fans?
  13. I personally think it's good, because people love characters like The Muppets (my personal favorite is Kermit the Frog), so to me, WWE + Muppets = Heaven.
  14. I actually found them funny... but it still produced so many filler segments that did nothing but give the kids a cheap laugh, which, really, isn't that the thing we hate more than anything about Raw nowadays?

    Still, WWE fans know when people are there because they love wrestling, and when they are there to get millions of people seeing the plug for their new movie.
  15. The muppets werent exactly hilarious but I didnt mind them either.
  16. Just like The Three Stooges. They were there to promote THEIR film, yet people shunned them. Why would you boo the kings of comedy(The Three Stooges)? At least with Muppets, people cheered when they showed up.

    Plus, where was Curly (the bald Stooge)? He didn't show up alongside Moe and Larry.
  17. I hated all the guest gms.
  18. They shouldn't be on a wrestling program it's that simple, the same as CM Punk and Cena shouldn't take their feud into a muppet movie to promote Raw.
  19. Why shouldn't the muppets be on RAW?

    Because this is about wrestling. The Muppets were there to promote their movie, as were the Three Stooges. Wrestlers, especially heels, talking to muppets and fighting with them looks pathetic. A real heel would the puppet away, and beat the guy up who is using the puppet, not argue with one. And how would characters like that run a show? They can't, it's like Scooby Doo running RAW. Just because you like two things doesn't mean it should go together. I like chocolate milk shakes and spaghetti should I put those two in a blender and mix it together then serve it to people? No because it's not two things that go together well whether I like it or not. It's World Wrestling Entertainment, not World Entertainment. Sure the Muppets are nice, I grew up with them and I like them, but to put them on RAW and have them run the show was dumb. It was useless and just stupid.
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  20. The Muppets and the Three Stooges were crap, I don't want to see movie promotions on Raw, I want to see wrestling.
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