Why there is a new Latino star in WWE and potential heat

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  1. Two parter here.
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    Not sure on the source on this. But I can understand the switch, Del Rio is better as a face than as a heel and is less injury prone than both Rey and Cara. He also speaks English well.

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  2. Why ADR won the title...

    Makes sense, but I still feel Ziggler will win it before his reign really gains steam. Also Sin Cara a disappointment :lol1:
  3. RE: Why ADR won the title...

  4. @"Senhor Perfect"
  5. Both sources are F4W btw.
  6. Which explains the moronic guesses of "there might be heat on Cara and Rey". Should have known.
  7. Fixed, just left my comment.
  8. On the subject of a new Latino star, I thought this was kind of funny:

  9. Meltzer?
  10. Alberto > Rey > > > > > Cara
  11. He's got all the credentials to become a big Latino star aswell as make WWE money, so why not?
  12. Very good idea, ADR is indeed better than Rey and Cara in that aspect, let's hope he draws in some latino viewers. Also want to see how his gimmick will end up during his reign.
  13. With this gimmick he's going to continue getting crickets.
  14. Erm... I guess so...

    I almost always watch RAW and Smackdown at my friend's house and my friend's latino and so is my boyfriend. They mark harder for Mysterio way more then ADR, even with his new face turn. In fact, some of my friend's family, such as his dad and uncle, come in and watch Mysterio and Cara fight.

    But I guess ADR will just have to be given time to grow on people as the new latino idol on WWE.
  15. Rey and Cara are easier to associate with latinos indeed, due to masks and all-out high flying style. But ADR is in better condition than Rey, can work the american style better than Cara, speaks English, and is less injury-prone than them, WWE's got to work on him indeed.
  16. Well, Mysterio has been around much, much longer and he's the baby face of all baby faces (aside from Cena), Alberto turned face recently (what? a few weeks ago?). So obviously it's going to take some time for him to get pops/marks.
  17. He's got me already.
  18. ADR still needs an improved gimmick the whole aristocrat mexican crap fills no ones care cup.
  19. Give Alberto a mask. Since that's supposed to be big. Have him wear a mask, but make it have a back ground. Like have him go to Mexico and wrestle some luchadors and come back with a mask. Then have Cara go heel and have a mask match. I don't know, just spit balling any idea to help him sell. Del Rio masks all over the arena.

    ~Three Said That~
  20. So all Mexicans should wear masks? #racism :otunga:

    On-topic: Wow. Alberto face. Never seen that before.
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