Why There Won't Be A Rock vs. Cena II (IMHO of course)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Testify, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. Two simple reasons:

    1. If Dwayne loses, he loses alotta his marketing power, trust me on that. His comebacks in the future wouldn't mean so much and would draw less money.

    2. If Cena loses, well... He's the face of WWE, he won't lose twice.

  2. 3. It wouldn't be a "Once in a Lifetime" thing anymore.
  3. It would be 1-1 in terms of results with Cena/Rock. I doubt Rock cares if he loses, it won't impact his acting career and an appearance from Rock in WWE will always be met with viewer increase and electricity. I don't think it makes a difference if he loses personally.

    I do think it's a certainty Cena is winning if he faces Rock again.
  4. They'll just add Ziggler in the match to eat the pin, seems to be what they do whenever they need to protect people.
  5. Rock with Ziggler in a same ring? Doubt.
  6. I was joking lol, I'm expecting them to chuck Punk in there in all seriousness.
  7. Don't joke lol.:vince:

    3 Way with Punk sounds possible, but still I think WWE will go with one of one-on-one match versions, that is Punk-Rock.
  8. Huge faith would have to be put in to Punk to draw those buys. Not happening in my opinion, Cena already challenged Rock on the pre-show of HIAC.
  9. I don't think they would have Cena walk out of the arena the winner. If he were to win, it would most likely be a cheap roll up or an interference, and if he does win, Rock would drop him in the ring when its all said and done and walk out high and mighty, thus leaving his image intact.

    But to me, i wouldn't want to see either of them win. I'd rather see Austin stunner both of them and drink some Steveweisers right before punk lays him out with a gts and stands tall over all three of them as the ppv fades.

    ~Three Said That~
  10. I would mark, but I really want a Punk v Austin feud.
  11. I hope it doesn't happen. I'd accept a three way with Punk I guess.
  12. They have "faith" in him for a whole year, why not at WM? Ratings would still be miserable like now, but at least be consistent.
  13. If there is something Vince evidently really cares about, then it's PPV buys. The returns of Brock, Rock and using HHH is proof of that. He rejects building the future to give us these mega-matches now for that quick buck.
  14. I believe there won't be Rock vs Cena II but there will be Punk/Cena/Rock Triple Threat.
  15. That would be a great way to kickstart the build up to punk and austin at wm30
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