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  2. Good call by Bischoff, they're 10x better than those pale boring pricks Mike and Taz. Hell, everybody's better than them. Too bad JB and Kenelly only called an hour. Hoping they're back next week on OFN.
  3. JB is a god of commentating, bested only by Jim Ross.
  4. Only me who doesn't dislike Taz?
  5. I like Tazz.
  6. Woo Solidus to the save for Cloud.

    I worshipped Taz in ECW tho so am very biased haha!
  7. I loved JB and Todd. Then I tuned out when Tenay and Taz came back.
  8. Taz is passable and decent (at best) when he with Borash in the mix. When with Tenay, GTFO. They're horrible.
  9. I hate Tazz, most irritating commentator ever. Talk about stating the obvious.
  10. Interesting, it's always a good thing to add something new like this, they should just keep those guys on commentary. They did a good job, and adds a new feeling to the show.
  11. This.

    Nice move by Eric.
  12. I'm watching now and these two are good. Much better than Tazenay
  13. It was nice to see change, Borash and Keneley were very good in my opinion.
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