Why Triple H won't sign Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Crayo, Jan 3, 2014.

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  1. Read more: http://www.pwmania.com/backstage-ne...wards-davey-richards-a-wwe-deal#ixzz2pL28ZTss
  2. Damn, that really sucks for them, especially Davey since he left ROH and won't be returning anytime soon (as he said).
  3. I don't believe it tbh, they have done their farewell and everything.
  4. Their size? That doesn't really sound like a good reason not to sign them since he did sign other indie people that weren't the tallest. I think it might have been just something, but whatever. Hope they manage to find themselves a good company in the future.
  5. They would of known about their sizes prior to that NXT match. Smells like bullshit.
  6. I can see where they're coming from actually they're loaded with guys who can work the opener to co main however there aren't many people who feel like the centre piece. Its not related solely to size but the entire presentation.
  7. Guess Haitch is tired of vanilla midgets
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  8. What are Peter Davidson and Malcolm Little doing in the Impact Zone, Taz?
  9. That's bullshit, @Stronger Than Death can preach for Davey that his size is plenty big enough.
  10. Their size is the reason what a bunch of bullshit look at Bryan and he's on top of the world.If don't wanna resign them let it because they lack of ability in the ring, when it comes to a character take a risk with them to see where it goes big mistake by WWE.TNA needs a tag team division Eddie and Davey could easily fit there easily.
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  11. Valid reasoning, but still sucks. If nothing else they would have been a badly needed boost to the NXT Tag Division and a nice team to throw in the division if they move some of these guys on (Shield, Cody, etc)

    Now they can be a big boost to the TNA tag division.
  12. Why even give them a tryout in the first place if you already know you're not looking to hire any more guys that are smaller? Seems to me that they could have still helped add to the strength of the tag team division. No one said they had to be Wrestlemania main eventers.
  13. Apparently Regal was going to bat for them, and Regal and Trips are good friends. So Trips apparently gave them a shot to appease Regal.
  14. HHH was on record a while back saying he wanted to improve the tag division and decisions like this tells me he was not serious.
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  15. This. It doesn't make much sense to me or seem very logical. The report in the OP just says he didn't offer them a contract because of their size. He would have already known their size ahead of time, so it wouldn't make much sense to have them come tryout if he knew he wouldn't want to offer them a contract anyway.
  16. Bare in mind they've been working with smaller guys a lot of the time and the WWE uses 20 x 20 rings so their size could have been further highlighted by that. It's all about the perspective for the size issue. DB adapts to seem bigger than he is in ring maybe they couldn't do that.
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  17. Ahh, so maybe he was aware of their smaller stature but hoped they could fill the space better? That makes a little sense at least. Some smaller people make the most out of the space they have, and like you said can adapt and almost seem bigger than they are.
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  18. It was on some shithole "news" site so it must be true.
  19. This size rubbish is getting old now. Seriously I believe that Bryan could beat the big guys like Show and Henry one well placed knee and boom! Its stupid but hey we all know the E are big on guys like Sheamus, Brock, etc... But when Mysterio won the gold we didnt care so what is the issue really? Is it that guys with a certain build equal money it looks it as smaller guys never seem to get a big shot atm. Bryan royally screwed at SS when surely there was money behind his push? But it never seems to appease the E they push Show, Sheamus, Great Khali why?????? This is why I feel a cruiserweight title could breathe life into so many guys! But again it relies on booking and where the cash flow is at the time. No idea lol.

    This post may make zero sense its a rant!
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